Friday, 20 May 2016

The Paris-Inspired Chiclanto Cocktail.

You all know how much I love cocktails, and how much I love Paris, and I'm guessing you guys like them too seeing as a lot of you seem to stick around and return despite me talking about both of these things way too much (blogger stereotype or what...ugh, haha). Well I recently found out about a pretty cool new series of videos that London cocktail entrepreneur JJ Goodman has created, so thought I'd tell you a bit about them and share them with you!

In the videos, JJ Goodman, mixologist and creator of the London Cocktail Club, presents a series of cocktail recipes to give you a taste of the Paris cocktail scene. Some of the cocktails are actually served in the coolest bars in Paris, while others are inspired by the bars themselves. The Times and Sunday Times have recently launched the Insider City Guides, and after their Paris one went live alongside their Six Coolest Bars in the City, it inspired JJ Goodman to create the six cocktail recipes based on those bars.

I'm a bit of a fussy one when it comes to cocktails, despite drinking them on a regular basis. I'm not a whisky fan, and I don't like them tasting overly strongly of alcohol. I like them very sweet and fruity to hide the alcohol taste! This one however, sounds like my kinda thing! Mainly because of the lime, cucumber, and agave syrup...and also the tequila. Duh. 

The Chiclanto cocktail is a tequila cocktail that's actually served at L'Entrée des Artistes, a low-key drinking den that opened in 2015 opposite the Experimental Cocktail Club's Grande Pigalle Hotel in Paris. You can watch the video below to find out how to make it!

And if you think you can make it yourself here are the ingredients!

- 50ml tequila
- 20ml lime
- pinch coriander 
- 1cm cucumber 
- 15ml agave syrup

What's your favourite cocktail?

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