Friday, 13 May 2016

Attending the BAFTA Television Awards 2016.

Last Sunday I was very lucky to attend the BAFTA Television Awards as a guest of House of Fraser who sponsored the event. Although I've been to a few red carpet events before, I've never been to the BAFTAs so was super excited to see what they were like! It was a boiling hot day (at least this warm weather is preparing me for Antigua next week though!), so it was pretty tough to look fresh, and I was fully aware of the droplets of sweat dripping down my back at all times. #notsoluxlife. However, despite the heat I still had an awesome time!

Because of the heat I changed my dress at the very last minute (and as such didn't have time to iron it, doh), to the one I wore to the Olivier Awards last year. An old Kate Moss for Topshop number that I've had for years. It's simple, classic, and classy and I love it.

I arrived a little late due to parking issues so missed out on drinks at The Mondrian, and met everyone at the red carpet. I was a little daunted by being surrounded by fashion bloggers - is it just me who finds fashion bloggers terrifying?! I am definitely no fashion blogger, that's for sure. I buy clothes I like, and tend to buy 'style' pieces over fashion pieces...pieces that will last me years, with maybe only one or two token fashion pieces bought each season. So I sort of did something quite unusual for me, and just kept to myself. 

I got a couple of photos on the red carpet, and we all slowly walked up it soaking up the atmosphere (and the sun!). It was very different to the Olivier Awards, much stricter and less relaxed. You couldn't really hang around, and they hurried everyone inside before all the celebs arrived so we didn't get to meet anyone (boo). 

Ah well, we headed inside and got a few bottles of prosecco to share and watched all the celebrities arriving on the red carpet!

I started chatting with the lovely Jodie from alajode, and it turns out we work for rival agencies and rival clients, haha! Such a small world.

After getting a photobooth photo (and then I accidentally tweeted the people in front of us' photo instead of ours...awks), we headed inside to the auditorium. We were sat up on the balcony towards the front, and had a pretty good view! Also how cute are these mini Hotel Chocolat chocolates!?

The awards ceremony itself was pretty standard, but I did love the rants about the BBC! Everything everyone was saying was so true.

Thank you so much House of Fraser for inviting me, despite being totally exhausted still from my recent operation (don't even talk to me about the current bloated face situ going on), I had such a lovely evening and am so glad I went! 

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  1. This is sooo cool! What an amazing experience :) I love the Tiddly Baftas haha so cute xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy

  2. What a glam event, how fun to attend!


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