Sunday, 3 April 2016

What to Pack in Your Long-Haul Hand Luggage.

With the summer coming up and holidays getting booked, I thought I'd put together a little guide including the main things I pack in my hand-luggage for long haul flights! I travel a lot on long-haul flights, so over the years I've figured out the best things to take and the things you can leave behind and not bother with. As well as my laptop, phone, external hard drive, cameras, chargers, and other electrical bits and pieces, I also take the following with me...

What I Take in my Hand Luggage

Lip balm
Eye mark/travel pillow
Oversized scarf (to use as a blanket)
Denman tangle tamer hairbrush
Makeup bag + deodorant + toothbrush + face wipes
Notebook & Pen
Luggage tag on your cabin case (obvs)
Hand cream
Large handbag/camera case
Small cabin suitcase
Jeans and/or leggings
Oversized sweater
Passport cover/travel wallet

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I'm a pretty light traveler to be honest, it's my electrical items that take up the most space. Also I always take a change of clothes, underwear, and a spare bikini in my cabin bag just in case my luggage gets lost for some reason and I have to wait for it or buy new things or something. I pack my makeup in my makeup bag and then just keep the liquids in a clear bag so it's easy to pull out when going through security. 

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What do you take in your long-haul hand luggage?

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  1. I love the Burts Bees lip balm, I need to try their hand cream. I also can not travel without a travel pillow, it is a lifesaver

    Lauren x |

  2. How exciting, it's finally time to start thinking about summer holidays again! My most important piece from that list is probably the big scarf to act as a blanket - I always get so cold when I'm trying to sleep! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Food, Travel, Italy


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