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Top 5 Natural Eczema Creams For Sensitive Skin.

When I first wrote my Eye Eczema post three years ago I had no idea how much attention it would get, and how many people I would be able to help by just sharing my own horrific experience and reporting back on my findings. Despite this blog being mainly a luxury travel and food blog, as of 2016 over 300,000 people have read that eczema blog post. Hundreds of those have emailed me, thanked me for sharing my experience, for making them feel less alone, and thousands have bought the one product I found that worked for me.

For the majority of these people the product has worked for them too, and so I thought I'd put together a little guide on my other favourite natural eczema creams that I use for the eczema I get on the rest of my body that isn't on my face (although some of these work on the face too).

A useful guide on the top natural eczema creams to help soothe and reduce eczema flare-ups

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Range - UK// Buy in the US 

You may already know of my small obsession with the awesome-ness of the Manuka Honey Rescue Creamand how it practically saved my eyes from eye eczema (it's not suitable for those allergic to fragrances, unfortunately), but the rest of the range is also pretty awesome and I have quite a few of the products (the body butter is heavenly!).

Moogoo MSM Cream - UK // US

Moogoo is one of my favourite natural companies and I love their products so so much! If you buy one product from this list make it this one. I adore the clean milky scent, I adore how quickly it absorbs, and I adore how it makes me skin feel so soft after using it. I've used this on my body and my face, and it's great on both! You can read my original review here.

Coconut Oil - UK // US

I know, I know. It seems coconut oil is the answer to literally everything these days! But I promise it does work, and it's a fantastic cheap alternative if you're on a budget. I've tried and tested many products on my eczema over the years, and coconut oil just really really works on dry skin. I tend to apply it at night and slather it on, and then let it soak in while I sleep. It's a great natural product to keep my skin moisturized and the eczema at bay underneath my knees - especially during the winter when it's really affected by the extreme temperatures!

Balm Balm 100% Organic Balm - UK  (int. delivery available)

I first blogged about this years ago, and I still love it. I carry a very tiny pot of it in my handbag to apply to my eyes when I'm out and about, and the larger version is great for the rest of the body/skin! It's gentle and soothing, and really rather lovely.

Skinfix - UK // Buy in the US 

Skinfix is relatively new to me, and I'm still not entirely sure I can call it a 'natural' product, as it contains petrolatum and paraffin wax, however it is free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, which is a good thing. Also it really does work - I recently used it on the eczema behind my knees during a flare-up and within a couple of days it had completely cleared up! Unlike the other products on this list though, I would avoid using it on your face purely because of the petrolatum and paraffin wax - stick to using it on the body.

When it's really bad and nothing works?

If my eczema is really *really* bad and just won't budge (tends to happen once maybe every couple of years), then I use a teeny tiny bit of Betnovate from the doctor. Sometimes when it's really bad your skin just needs a little bit of help to fix itself, but do not use these steroid creams regularly. After using a tiny amount of Betnovate for a couple of days I then use the Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream to finish it off!

What's your favourite natural eczema cream? I'd love to know of any others!


A useful guide on the top natural eczema creams to help soothe and reduce eczema flare-ups

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  1. I use pommade divine for my eye arm and leg eczema! It's this amazing balm that has anti-sceptic and anti-inflammatory properties I absolutely love it! Other then that I use coconut oil and the dr Manuka Honey face scrub (I use it all over and it's really good) I also make my own coffee scrub which helps x

  2. At the moment I am loving Pai products and the Embryolisse Lait cream. There aren't many creams that can actually hydrate my extremely dry skin

    Lauren x |

  3. I remember first reading your blog on eczema and I felt so powerless until I read your suggestions. I did try the manuka honey, unfortunately the products inflammed my skin. Not to broken, I did some research. I wanted a long term solution and after several visits to my GP, she referred me to an allergy specialist. I was tested for an array of allergies and they found the root of the cause. I was allergic to dust mites. Who would have thought. My face, especially the eye area was terrible. They were incredibly itchy and from constant rubbing (goodness knows the bacteria that still lurks on your hands even though you have washed them several times) it was painful and I wanted to hide. I started my course of injections the following day. The injections basically makes your body immune to what you are allergic to. So essentially, what you're allergic to is being injected in your system, and in time your body builds a strong immune to it. From what I recall, within the year i had about 10 or more injections. During the course, my specialist tested me for the allergy and depending on the outcome, increased my dosage or decreased it. I remember my last test and my specialist smiled at me and said I am allergy free. My smile was so bright through my tears, I was deemed speechless. Whilst this was happening, my local pharmacist introduced me to Mustela for sensitive and reactive skin. This product - heaven sent! It is a french brand and what it does is hydrates the skin whilst, building a barrier so that your skin can heal. With the combined treatment of my allergy injections and using Mustela, I could see and feel the light at the end of the tunnel. I was tired of the short term fix and found a long term solution. I am now allergy free. Whoo hoo !! My main concern was my wedding day. Who doesn't want gorgeous skin on their wedding day :) And I wanted beautiful skin. I got married a couple of weeks ago and everyone commented on my skin...smooth and glowing. And I felt gorgeous and thankful for my more itchy and inflammed more whinging, frustration and tears. From then on, ive only used French products for sensitive skin. Besides Mustela, there is also Embroyolisse, Avene and La Roche Posay. Xox

    1. Hi Wendy. May I know where are you based in? What is the name of the treatments? I like to explore these options thanks

    2. Hello Jacqueline, I'm based in Melbourne. Ask your local GP to refer you to an allergy specialist. The desensitization treatment for dust allergy.

  4. Hi there.
    My husband has been suffering from an itchy eylid. I was up all night searching the web and came across your blog. He works in the tobacco industry and is around tobacco and tobacco mold. We are wondering if this could be it as he usually doesn't have the chance to constantly wash his hands after digging around in tobacco taking samples. This has been going on since November 2015. I'm going to have him try some coconut oil until I can find the Dr. Organic product you recommend. I pray it helps. He is very uncomfortable. Thank you and take care. Alison Anmuty

  5. My son's eyes look just like yours. Have just bought the Manuka Honey Rescue cream....fingers crossed. Thanks so much for the tips x

  6. yes I am also going to try stick to French products seem good for sensitive skin... La Roche and Avene and have just bought Eurcin plump moisturiser for day time never heard of Mustela must give it a try...

  7. Be careful with La Roche as some of their products contain some nasty ingredients! x


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