Sunday, 27 March 2016

NYC Day 4 - Farewell New York.

On our last day in New York we wanted to take the day easy and not rush around, but were determined to get to the West Village and just wander around. We'd been out the night before, got insanely drunk (when in NYC...), and didn't get back to our hotel until around 4am. I had to get up relatively early as I had a meeting at 10am, and while I left Anna sleeping off her hangover, I completely loved walking from the hotel up Fifth Avenue and towards the Waldorf Astoria.

After my meeting I wandered slowly back to the hotel via Radio City Music Hall and the Rockefeller Centre. I loved just walking down the streets by myself, soaking up all the sights. The weather was glorious with bright blue sky and sunshine, and I popped into Magnolia Bakery and grabbed a red velvet cupcake. I ate it too quickly to take a photo though...soz. It tasted amazing though, the marshmallow-y frosting was incredible!

I just love the Chrysler Building so freaking much! I couldn't stop taking photos of it.

I got back to our suite at Langham Place to find Anna still asleep, so told her to hurry up and shower (coz I'm a bossy bitch like that), while I sorted out my shopping and packed my suitcase.

We had to check-out of the hotel at 12, and my flight was 9pm that evening so we didn't have loads of time. We checked out and left our suitcases at the hotel while we went off to explore the West Village. The taxi dropped us off round the corner from the original 'famous' Magnolia bakery, and we went inside to get their famous banana pudding.

It was the best banana pudding I've ever had in my life. Oh my days. I only got a small one but I *really* wish I'd just been a big fatty and got the large! Anna was pretty happy with it too...

Spot the tourists....

We walked slowly around the West Village oohing and ahhing at the beautiful red brick houses, and then we went to try and find a diner. We stumbled across the famous La Bonbonniere, but being in the hungover state we were didn't fancy much. We shared a plate of chips, I had a lemonade, and then got a taxi back up to Times Square to see it one last time.

Anna fancied a Five Guys, so she grabbed a burger and I just had a drink. I wasn't very hungry and still felt a bit queasy. We then walked back to Langham Place via Bryant Park to get our suitcases, discussing our big NYC adventure and the fun we'd had. It's funny how I only see my Aussies once or twice a year, and yet every time I see them it's as though no time has passed at all. That ladies and gents, is true friendship right there.

Langham Place kindly booked in a very fancy Mercedes SUV to take me for the airport, at the same cost as a normal taxi, and Anna caught a cab up to the Upper East Side to go and stay with a friend for her last couple of nights before she headed back to Perth. Also, go follow Anna on Instagram for ALL the food porn!

My journey back to JFK was pretty awesome, I had the best driver ever who was such a New Yorker. We had great conversations about Donald Trump, Brexit, and politics in general. I gave him quite a generous tip, he was super nice (although to be fair everyone I met in NYC was super nice) so deserved it.

I got to JFK as the sun was setting, and after getting through security I realised suddenly how hungry I was as I'd barely eaten anything all day. So I grabbed myself a Shakeshack burger and lemonade, and settled down to charge my phone and wait for my flight. I bloody love Shakeshack, and it's such a treat as I hardly ever have burgers so always tastes extra good when I do have one.

Sadly that's it from my New York City trip! It was short but sweet, and I had the most incredible time. I've made a short vlog from my weekend there, and my brother kindly created the most awesome piece of music for it (it includes all my favourite NYC songs). Have a watch, subscribe, and let me know in the comments what you think!



  1. LOVE Magnolia Bakery cupcakes!! Sounds like you had an amazing trip - I love NYC. I could walk round it forever!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

  2. This is how NYC should be treated - with delicious food, good music & great friends!

  3. Everything sounds so nice! I'm glad you had a great time! I have never been to Magnolia bakery but obvs have to put that on my list for next time!!
    x Kenzie

  4. That banana pudding looks and sounds pretty epic!


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