Monday, 7 March 2016

Drizzy Drake's Private Party in NYC.

Before I even went to New York I knew I wanted a proper NYC night out. Little did I know what this big beautiful city had in store for me...

Anna and I had had a busy day wandering around Chelsea and seeing New York from above, we had an afternoon nap and then went for a huge American dinner at Brother Jimmy's BBQ. We were very full, and very bloated. Then as we were laying on the bed trying to decide when we should get dressed to go out, a text arrived. Anna's friend told us Drake was in town for just one night as he was performing at a Bat Mitzvah, and we were going to his private after-party. 

After jumping up and down squealing with excitement (come on - who wouldn't!?), we quickly got ready and before we knew it Dami had arrived to pick us up. He wouldn't tell us where we were going - apparently these things are kept strictly secret - and he gave the taxi driver an address just round the corner from our hotel. 

We arrived and Dami gave the doorman the password, and the three of us were taken inside the venue. It was a strange place with a weird sort of indoor alley/corridor that led to a small bar. We walked up to the roped off VIP section and after whispering the password again, we were allowed past the rope and to where the tables were. 

The bar filled up and the music started, the drinks were flowing, and all of a sudden Drake was brushing past us and going in for a man-hug (you know the one - it starts as a handshake then turns into a hug) with one of the guys on our table. The night was a little strange as I discovered people in NYC don't really dance in clubs. They all just stand there and look around and drink. Anna and I love a dance though so we made the most of the epic tunes. Then Drake did a DJ set for an hour or so and we were basically just loving life. Sadly we weren't allowed to take photos :( sad times. One woman tried and got shouted at by security.

THEN. We had the toilet incident. Because the venue was so small there was only one toilet. We'd been queuing for a while, and I was next. But then one of Drake's security guys came along and started knocking on the door, so we told him there was someone in there. All of a sudden Drake is standing right in front of me, and with my bladder about to burst I said to Anna 'I really hope he doesn't think his need to pee is more urgent than mine'. This is Drake though, and it was his party, so he got to go next and I had to wait. I was not happy.

Anyway, we had an epic night, and it was so much fun! Drake sure knows how to throw a good party!

The next night (which was a Sunday) we had another epic night out! This time Anna's friend Nii from NYCNiights took us to Avenue, but sadly Dami couldn't make it this time. We had a table and lots of alcohol, and again everyone was just standing there looking around and no one was dancing! So Anna and I danced, and I discovered how great it is being British in America. You guys...the American men. Srsly. Literally the biggest ego boost ever.

We got bored at Avenue after a while, so Nii drove us to Haus. Haus was freaking awesome. French Montana and Busta Rhymes were there, and the music was just epic. We had another table, and more alcohol. Anna and I were very drunk at this point, and at 1am we decided we wanted to go to 1Oak. We lost Nii so we just got in a taxi and went to 1Oak. It's notoriously difficult to get into, and we met some girls earlier in the night who didn't get in because their friend was too fat. I started freaking out thinking I was too fat to get in (lol), but I put on my best British accent, handed over my ID, tried to look sober, and they literally just waved us straight in. Boom.

This time it was just the two of us and we didn't have any of the guys with us nor a table, so we danced on the actual dance-floor and a few different guys tried to get us to join their tables,but we just wanted to dance and have fun so politely declined. I told one of them 'no thanks, we just need to go take a selfie' (because I'm charming and hilarious like that) and walked off and we took selfies, which you can see below... 

THEN Anna told me the doorman wanted to kick me out, so me being all hurt and defensive asked him why he wanted to kick me out, he looked really confused and was all like 'I don't want to kick you out...' then I look over at Anna and she's just doubled over laughing at me. Such a great friend. Haha.

Nii messaged to ask where we were at, so we said 1Oak and it turns out he had gone to a Cuban diner called Coppelia, which is actually regularly listed as one of the best diners in NYC. We realised how hungry we were, so got in a taxi to go and join him, but when drunkenly looking at the menu I just wanted pancakes with fruit, which they didn't have. I exclaimed out loud how I just wanted to go to iHop, so Nii told us there was one round the corner and he'd take us there if we wanted. 

iHop wasn't what I was grimy and dirty and a bit gross. Also the menu seemed smaller than the iHop I remembered in California. Anyway, I ordered apple and cinnamon pancakes, and Anna got fried chicken waffles, and then we got a taxi back to our hotel at around 4am.

The next morning we found a whole heap of drunken videos on my camera - I'll post them soon ;) haha, they're pretty hilarious! I feel so sorry for the taxi drivers that drove us around that night.

I think I definitely had the best nights while in NYC, I couldn't have asked for more fun night outs during my time in the Big Apple! I couldn't believe how busy everywhere was on a Sunday night - it really is the city that never sleeps. In London barely any bars or clubs are open on Sundays!

Watch my vlog from the night out below!



  1. I feel tired just reading this! Sounds epic!!

  2. So jealous you saw Drake! He's my not so secret guilty pleasure I could listen to him all day!

  3. Wow, what a night!! Definitely an epic way to spend your time in NYC :)

  4. That was such an epic night! Enjoyed following through X

  5. iHop was everything when we were kids. Haha!
    I'm really digging the hair on you darling!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

  6. This post is the most lux thing I've ever seen. Loving the pout ;) xo

  7. I love that story about the toilet!! That is hilarious, what a great time you guys must have had :)

  8. Lunch and Lit09/05/2016, 19:26

    IHOP is a franchise and each one is owned by different people. I haven't been to a good one in the city, but the one in the suburbs by me is great!


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