Monday, 1 February 2016

Mezzaluna, Bangkok.

Mezzaluna is regularly on the 'best restaurants' in Bangkok lists, and it's easy to see why. The luxury restaurant housed in The Dome itself on the 65th floor of Lebua Bangkok, once created a tasting menu that was sold for 1 Million Thai Baht (around £15,000) per head. I told you the other day how Lebua Hotels focus on providing luxury food and beverage experiences, and Mezzaluna is a prime example of that. I dined at all of Lebua's restaurant while I was there, and despite the al-fresco Sirocco being the most famous, Mezzaluna was without a doubt my favourite...and hands down one of the best meals I've ever had (and no, I didn't have the 1 Million Baht meal ;)). 

The multi-award winning Mezzaluna is a fine dining experience like no other. As you rise to the 64th floor and your ears start popping, you then exit the elevator and climb the glamorous sweeping staircase up to the 65th floor - the highest floor in the State Tower. The restaurant is housed within The Dome, and provides 180-degree views of the river and city. The lighting is dim and atmospheric, and a quartet plays everything from well-known classical pieces to Glenn Miller. And the food? Oh the food. Chef Ryuki Kawasaki is an absolute genius. 

We had the seven course tasting menu, however with 4-5 amuse bouches inbetween courses, it ended up being 11-12 courses! We began with a couple of amuse bouches (not photographed), before the starter arrived. Buri (wild Yellowtail) confit in extra virgin olive oil, with mussel, cucumber, fennel, and yoghurt sorbet. This was paired with a beautiful 2013 South African Chenin Blanc. Yellowtail is one of my favourite types of fish, and I absolutely loved the freshness of this dish.

Buri (Wild Yellowtail)

After the delicious yellowtail, came the scallops wrapped with spinach. Again, these were just beautiful and very fresh and light. The matching wine was a 2012 Rioja Blanco, which was one of my favourite wines of the night.

Hokkaido Scallops
The next course was one of the best, both the food and wine.The Nova Scotia Lobster poached in ginger butter was exceptionally good, and the flavour of the ginger went well with the softer buttery flavours of the lobster. The wine paired with this was my favourite from the entire meal; a Napa Valley Chardonnay that quite literally tasted like caramel. I swirled the wine and took a deep inhale, and the manager of Lebua's restaurants asked my thoughts on the scent. Before I'd even tasted it my instant response was 'sweets...' I took a sip and the thick caramel flavour hit my tongue. It was really something, and was the perfect accompaniment for the lobster.

Nova Scotia Lobster
The Madara preserved in aromatic oil was accompanied by crispy soft code roe and continued the light part of the meal before the heavy red meats arrived.

Madara (Pacific Cod)

Onto the main part of the meal, the five spice poach-roasted Challans duck with black Perigord truffle was exceptional, but I found the portion quite large for such a rich dish. 

Challans Duck
The Saga Wagyu beef sirloin grade A4 was my favourite dish of the whole night, and melted in my mouth as soon as I took a bite. It was hands down the best beef I have ever had.

Saga Wagyu Beef Sirloin A4
Almost full to bursting from the huge amount of exceptional food and drink I'd eaten, the meal wasn't quite over - there were still four courses of desserts to get through! We started with two palate cleansers, a strawberry mousse, and a sorbet dish. Both were exactly what I needed after all of the savoury courses - they were both really refreshing!

For the main dessert course we could choose between mixed berries with blueberry sorbet, or the Vanilla panacotta with chocolate cremeux, passiontfruit gel, pineapple sorbet, and brandy snap tuile. If you've been a reader of Lux Life for a while you'll know that panacotta is my favourite 'light' dessert, so it was the natural choice for me. I loved it. All of the flavours went so well together and I was very happy with my choice.

Vanilla Panacotta
We thought we had come to the end of our epic meal, but then the petit fours appeared along with a dessert cocktails! I could only manage a dainty macaron, and a few sips of the cocktail, and then it was time to roll myself down to my suite and fall onto the bed in a drunken food coma.

Petit Fours

The entire dinner was just incredible and I loved every single dish. I can see why Mezzaluna is so highly regarded in Bangkok, and if you're looking for a luxury restaurant in Bangkok I suggest you book a table and try it out for yourself! 

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  1. The dishes just look incredible!

  2. I'm so glad you gave Bangkok a chance! Isn't it just full of wonderful surprises? x

    Jasiminne: Posh, Broke, & Bored

  3. This sounds utterly scrumptious - no wonder it's on everyone's wishlist!


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