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Innovative Thai Cocktails at Distil Bar.

Thailand is full of awesome bars. Due to our hectic schedule and terrible jetlag the only ones I visited were the ones at my hotel, Lebua. I checked out Sky Bar, Flute, and Distil, and absolutely loved the cocktails at Distil, which is on the 64th floor of the State Tower in The Dome right at the top. The head barman Joao, is an intriguing guy who creates innovative cocktails with a heavy influence from food. I had a fair few cocktails from the menu, so I thought I'd tell you a bit about them and about the bar.

The bar is classy and sophisticated with indoor seating, and an outdoor seating area which has views over Bangkok. Both times I went it was busy with both guests of the hotel and locals and tourists. As Sky Bar is a very crowded standing-only bar, Distil is the place to go if you want a drink in a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere without compromising on the quality and view of Sky Bar. The prices of the cocktail are akin to London prices - around 600baht (£11) per cocktail. 

Photo from Lebua

Photo from Lebua
We sat at the bar and started our cocktail tasting experience with a spicy cocktail similar to a Bloody Mary. It was too spicy for my bland British palate, but the others seemed to enjoy it. We steadily moved through some of Joao's newest cocktails, including a ginger and citrus cocktail with a curry flavoured foam called Mr Franco, which sounds a little strange, but was actually delicious! You couldn't really taste the 'curry', it was more a spicy taste that complimented the sharpness of the ginger and citrus.

Next was a really delicious fruity gin concoction...which was a very interesting take on a gin and tonic. I enjoyed this one, and loved that the ice is flavoured so when it melts the flavours of the drink don't get diluted, but the gin was very strong and I couldn't drink too much of it before the alcohol started getting to my head (I'm a total lightweight).

A scotch cocktail, which wasn't my favourite (I'm not a huge scotch girl), but I tried it and to be honest it's probably the easiest Scotch drink I've ever had - in that even for someone who doesn't enjoy scotch, it was still drinkable.

My personal favourites though were this lobster flavoured cocktail (again, sounds gross, tastes amazing)

and a Sake cocktail, which came with a gloriously fresh plate of sashimi...

I loved the presentation of the sake cocktail, and it was pretty much my perfect cocktail fruity and delicious.

Distil specialize in a luxury bar experience where you can taste exclusive cocktails as well as the traditional classics, modern international cuisine, and a contemporary setting. For a hotel bar it was fantastic, especially as so many luxury hotels in international cities seem to miss the mark on providing a top notch bar. I feel as though it's only the major powerhouse cities that actually have a whole host of decent hotel bars.

What do you think? What's your favourite hotel bar?

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*I was a guest of Lebua Hotels throughout my stay in Bangkok, however as always my opinions are my own.

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  1. Inka Kukkamaki05/02/2017, 12:56

    Looks amazing! One of my favourite hotel bars is The Great Scots Bar as a part of Cameron House.


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