Sunday, 7 February 2016

Dining in the Sky at Bangkok's State Tower.

The State Tower in Bangkok that houses Lebua Hotel and Tower Club at Lebua, also houses their myriad of restaurants and bars. Two of these restaurants are Al-fresco; Sirocco, and Breeze. Sirocco is the more famous of the two,with the multi-award winning Mediterranean restaurant having 270-degree views over the Chao Phraya River and city of Bangkok, while Breeze is the trendier one, with similarly impressive views and the most epic restaurant entrance I've ever seen.

Sirocco, Bangkok

Sirocco was a fantastic restaurant, but not my favourite unfortunately. I was completely spoilt while I was in Bangkok, and had some of the best food in the city. But out of all of the restaurants I experienced at Lebua, Sirocco was my least favourite. However I can see why it is so highly regarded, and I guess it's just all about personal tastes. Sirocco is a rooftop restaurant on the 63rd floor, right next to the famous Sky Bar, and you dine 656ft above the ground surrounded by the beautiful Greco-Roman architecture of The Dome at Lebua.

The food we had was very good, and the majority of dishes were tasty, however some of the ingredients just weren't my favourite and I didn't enjoy the meal as much as Mezzaluna the day before. We had a large seven course tasting menu, so rather than taking you through everything we had I'm just going to take you through a few of my favourite dishes!

Turbot with tomato gazpacho, black olive sponge, and black trumpet mushrooms.

Salt bush lamb saddle with slow cooked, seared cucumbers, herbs, and green capsicum gel.

The restaurant is a buzz of activity, with guests, locals, and tourists drinking at the Sky Bar, and the restaurant full of businessmen, couples, and families. It's a great place for anyone, day or night! If you get there at the right time you can even catch the magical sunset setting over the city and river!

Breeze, Bangkok

On the 52nd floor of the State Tower, Breeze was another great restaurant, and I adored the trendy relaxed vibe. We dined at Breeze after the launch party for the Flute A Perrier-Jouet bar, and I loved the Asian inspired dishes. Just like Sirocco, the view and setting was pretty magical! A perfect location for our last night in Bangkok. As with all of the restaurants at Lebua, the presentation of each dish was flawless - I mean come on, how incredible does that dessert look at the bottom!? And it tasted even better than it looks! And how freaking awesome is the entrance to the restaurant?

The two restaurant concepts are clearly working for Lebua, with a Breeze now open in Frankfurt, and another Breeze opening in the USA within the next year. If you're looking for a luxury rooftop restaurant in Bangkok with incredible views and even better food and wine, definitely pay Sirocco and/or Breeze a visit.

What's your favourite rooftop restaurant?

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*I was a guest of Lebua Hotels throughout my stay in Bangkok, however as always my opinions are my own.


  1. I remember having cocktails at Lebua on a balmy evening - so amazing! This post brought back so many memories, and the skyline is just stunning from that vantage point.

  2. Everything looks incredible, so jealous! | Australian lifestyle blog

    p.s yay for disqus! xo

  3. We ate at Sirocco, food aside, that setting is incredible!


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