Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Hurlingham Club Comedy Night.

So I haven't blogged in almost two weeks, I was in Thailand last week and the week before was crazy busy (is it just me or does anyone else get super booked-up and busy the week before you go away?!), so I thought I'd take some time to tell you a little bit about the Hurlingham Club Comedy Night I went to recently! At first I wasn't sure if I was gonna go because it was the night before I had to head to Paris before Bangkok, but a few of my friends were going so I decided to just do it. It was a pretty awesome night, and I'm so glad I went now.

I wore the gorgeous 'Monroe' Dress from, which is currently on sale FYI. I had so many compliments on it, it's classy and classic but the cut of it is super sexy.

The event was organised by the Heathcote (the Hurlingham's younger members) and the inter-club group, and the comedy itself was courtesy of Newsrevue, who are actually the world's longest running live comedy show! We started the evening with a drinks reception, and then had a simple but delish chicken dinner with a selection of cakes and desserts afterwards.

The comedy itself was brilliant, at first everyone was really unsure, and we were all looking around at each other going 'is this actually happening?' - basically the first couple of sketches the comedy company did were taking the piss out of the majority of people in the room; bankers, politicians, Tories, people going shooting etc. Gradually everyone managed to see the funny side of it and by the end everyone was in stitches!

After the comedy it was time for dancing! The Hurlingham always have awesome DJs at these events, they always seem to know what music to play to get everyone up and dancing.

We danced the night away, and then I headed home around midnight to finish packing for Paris and Thailand!

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  1. You are Looking Nice,Fantastic Photos,Interesting article..

  2. Love Hurlingham events, this one looks so much fun! Thanks for sharing :)


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