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Lux Life 2015 Round-Up.

Each year I do a huge year-round-up. This year I wasn't sure how to do it though as I've been doing more 'monthly' ones, so I thought I'd do it a little differently this year. Instead of giving you a big long post listing everything I've done this year, I thought I'd just focus on the travels I've been on, the personal events I've been to (aka, ones I went to with friends rather than off the back of my blog), and my plans for 2016! Let's face it, if you read my blog you've probably read the restaurant reviews and blogger event posts over the past year, and I doubt you want to read about them all over again ;)


My travels this year have been pretty awesome. As well as my usual trip back to Australia, I also finally completed a lifetime wish to swim with sea turtles, and I also stood on the top of a mountain above the clouds! I had ten trips outside of London, and visited four new countries this year; Slovakia, Poland, St Vincent and The Grenadines, and Barbados. I only got to spend a couple of hours exploring Barbados though, so you can find out what I got up to in this post. To be honest I think that's pretty good going considering I have a full time job with limited holiday days!

January 2015: London Staycation
February 2015: High Tatras, Slovakia
February 2015: Brighton, UK
March/April 2015: Perth, Australia
April 2015: North Wales, UK
August 2015: Paris, France
August 2015: Cornwall, UK
October 2015: Paris, France
November 2015: Krakow, Poland
December 2015: North Wales, UK

Personal Events (non blog related) 

Casino Royal Night at Tramp
Royal Overseas League Burns Night
Pretty Green Party at Gibson Lounge
Olivier Awards 2015
Childerley Hall Food Festival
Grey Goose VX Launch Party
VE Day A Party to Remember
BAFTA Club Eurovision Party 
Lansdowne Club Moveable Feast
Polo in the Park 2015
Elizabeth Street Party 2015
Royal Ascot Royal Enclosure 2015
Downton Abbey Evening at The Savile Club
Henley Royal Regatta 2015
Royal Automobile Club Summer Ball
Royal Overseas League James Bond Ball
W Amsterdam Launch Party
Lansdowne Club Christmas Ball 2015

As well as numerous birthday parties, drinks, nights out, and events that didn't make it on to the blog....the above list is only some of what did make it onto Lux Life, which is a tiny drop in the ocean! As always I had a pretty epic year of parties, and spent a lot of time having fun with friends!

I also had plenty of blog-related events, which you can read about in my various monthly roundups!

My Birthday Celebrations

Unlike last year, instead of one big birthday night out this year I had two smaller ones, and then a third very small one just to make up for Roof Gardens messing up My Birthday Take One. Birthday Take One was awesome, I had so much fun and I was so grateful to the dozens of friends that came to help me celebrate, but Roof Gardens put us on the wrong table and didn't give us the sharing cocktails we were promised. They kindly made up for it by giving me another night out which turned into Birthday Take Three.

Birthday Take Two was also awesome, a smaller group of friends and I went to Barts then Boujis, where we had our own VIP private room, bottles of Dom Perignon, and generally had a bloody good time. Until some dude turned up and paid way more money for the private room so we got moved to a table in the normal area. Boo. We still had an epic night though, which ended in VQ. Standard.

You can read all about my 24th Birthday Celebrations here and here.

Plans for 2016

So my plans for 2016 are pretty huge and life-changing. I can't say too much right now as it's all up in the air still, but what I want to happen is pretty big. Some of you will know about it already, and some of you will have no idea unless it happens (fingers crossed)! And no, I'm not planning on going full-time with the blog, or getting married or pregnant before anyone asks, haha (although meeting a lovely guy who makes me laugh and who loves me for me (aka: doesn't bat an eyelid when I randomly burst into song) would be nice - anyone know one of those!?).

I don't really do resolutions as I can never stick to them, but I have a large list of things I'd like to achieve and do in 2016. Both to make myself a better person, and to help myself feel a bit happier in my life. In 2015 my main 'thing' I wanted to do was to cut out fizzy drinks, and I've done a pretty good job! I used to drink an insane amount of coca-cola and lemonade (especially as we get them free at work!), and I've managed to cut it down so I now only have a coca-cola if I'm on a night out and I have one before I drive home.

Blog-wise my plans are to attend less blogger events, as you can see from above the events I attend just in my personal life with my IRL friends, I go to a lot of different events and social things, and I need to learn to say no to blogger events (unless they sound EPIC) so I don't burn myself out and can still see my 'normal' friends. With blogger stuff I much prefer to just go for lunch or dinner/drinks with a smaller group of bloggers who I'm friends with, I don't want to sound ungrateful or bitchy, but ain't nobody got time to spend precious evenings with people you're probably never gonna see again!

I really want to get better at juggling my full time job with my blog. My blog has suffered so much over the past year or so because I just don't have time to promote it or be active on social media, so I really want to make a conscious effort to schedule social media posts on the weekends so they can go out automatically during the week when I'm at work without me having to worry about it. Hopefully this will help increase my stats so they're not so static all the time! I also need to get better at commenting and replying to comments! 

So, as we enter a new year, I say farewell to a year of epic parties, numerous friends' birthday celebrations, nights out, good times with the family, black tie balls, drinks and lunches with the work gang, and incredible travels and experiences, and I say hello to all of that...and more.

HELLO 2016!

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  1. Your year was pretty epic Catherine!! For most people, a year like this would be once in a lifetime, but I have a feeling you'll have more to pull out of the bag next year! I'm intrigued about this life-changing plan you're plotting. Looking forward to reading all about it. Happy new year!!

    Polly xx
    Follow Your Sunshine

  2. So excited for your 2016 plans!

  3. Looks like you had a very busy 2015! Can't wait to see what you get up to in this year :)
    Happy New Year!

  4. Wow what an exciting year! Love the new blog look too :)
    I seriously wanderlusted after your Palm Island posts & Instagram pics!
    Looking forward to following your 2016 adventures :)
    Simone x | The Aussie Flashpacker


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