Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Olivia Burton Wonderland Watch.

My brother and I have a little obsession with watches. I'm not entirely sure why, but both of us have a vast collection of them. All different shapes and sizes, different brands and materials. I didn't particularly like the Michael Kors watches that were all the rage a couple of years ago (I instead opted for a smaller Marc Jacobs one - large faces just don't suit my small wrists), but I'm completely in love with the current fashion obsession with Olivia Burton watches.

Olivia Burton Wonderland Watch Grey and Gold

I haven't done a fashion-y post for months, but there's a local boutique shop near me in Surrey called Hengelo, who stock a really good selection of Olivia Burton London watches (as well as other great brands such as Gandys Flip Flops, Tatty Devine and Parka), that I just had to tell you about - supporting local businesses and boutiques is so important. After deciding on the Olivia Burton Wonderland Grey & Gold Watch, within a few days it was on my wrist and I've barely taken it off since.

Olivia Burton Wonderland Watch Grey

My usual favourite winter day-watch, a green and navy tartan Barbour one, has been resigned to the drawer that contains all of my watches, and the Olivia Burton has taken pride of place instead. It goes with everything; the gold is classic and the grey/blue strap will be perfect for spring/summer!

Olivia Burton Wonderland Watch Grey and Gold

Olivia Burton Wonderland Watch Grey and Gold

Olivia Burton Wonderland Watch Grey and Gold

The size of the watch face is ideal for my small wrists, and at £70 it's a great price! The gold also goes perfectly with my Astley Clarke stacking rings, which are my favourite ones. I was going to do an outfit post with the watch, but the weather has been so cloudy lately the lighting has been a nightmare. I'll definitely do one soon though as it's been so long since I last did an OOTD and I got some super cute new clothes recently that I'm totally in love with (including a very Chanel-esque dress)!

You can shop the Olivia Burton watches at Hengelo here.

Are you watch crazy like I am, or do you just tend to rely on your phone for the time?

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*This post contains a sample, but I genuinely love the brand and all opinions are my own! Plus, I really do think it's important to support small local businesses. 


  1. I love watches, but can never find one that I lI've so rely on my phone which makes me a little sad...

  2. Such a beautiful watch! I haven't worn a watch in years... I find that once the battery runs out I'm too disorganised and lazy to replace it... oops...

  3. Looks like this watch will match well with lots of outfits, very chic!

  4. Yes! This is absolutely beautiful, but so understated at the same time. I'm totally watch obsessed too, I just wish I could afford to own more! I've also been loving the Abbott Lyon watches recently, you should check them out - gorgeous. Great post :)

    -Ruby Xx

    Another Ruby Tuesday

  5. I got an Olivia Burton watch for my birthday and absolutely LOVE it!
    There are so many in the collection that I want - like you and your brother I have a thing for watches.
    Great post :)


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