Thursday, 24 December 2015

Lansdowne Club Christmas Ball 2015.

This year was my fifth inter-club Christmas ball. In 2011 - my first year - it was held at The Lansdowne Club, and after the past few years of Christmas balls at The Savile Club, The Hurlingham Club, and The Royal Automobile Club, it was the turn of The Lansdowne again this year. I swear each year it just gets better and better, and this may have been the best yet! The theme for the ball was Narnia, and the decorations were absolutely spectacular!

I had two different dress options for the ball, and I didn't decide which one to wear until the day - when my friends gave me a unanimous 'green'. So I ditched the dress that fitted with the theme and opted for my festive green number from ASOS. I felt a bit like a mermaid in it. It was beautiful.

I was staying at The Park Tower in Knightsbridge so I didn't have to drive and could drink as much as I wanted, so after checking in and getting ready I jumped in a taxi just down the road to The Lansdowne. It was so wonderful to see everyone, and the girls and I all had a catch up in the powder room before heading in to the drinks reception.

The others all drifted off and mingled, and I joined the boys. The boys have all featured a fair amount on the blog before in various posts, so you'll know by now how much I adore them all.

The camera was on the wrong setting :'(

We took a load of photos, and then I spotted some people I wanted to say hello to. Peter was holding the train of my dress for me so it didn't get stepped on, but he refused to hold it for me as I walked, so Dom took over and played servant - walking behind me holding my dress up so I could mingle and say hello to people without worrying about the dress. It made me laugh, a lot. 

Just after this photo was taken Peter goes 'No! Don't take a photo of me holding her dress!'
[insert laughing emoji]

This photo is courtesy of my lovely friend Alex
As I'd arrived quite late I didn't get to spend much time in the lobby/lounge before it was time to go through to the ballroom for dinner, so I parted ways with the girls until dinner was over, and the boys, Alexandra, and I went and found our table and other table-mates. After umming and ahhing over various names for our table, we came up with the epic Aslansdowne (geddit? Aslan and Lansdowne?). Also how cool are the lamp-post centre pieces!?

The menu was intriguing and looked pretty darn awesome, but the starter was underwhelming if I'm honest. A thick layer of cold hard fat coated the Chicken Liver and Fois Gras Parfait, and it was far too cold and solid to spread on the brioche bun. I had a tiny amount and left the rest. The main was much tastier - Roast Guinea Fowl. YUM.

The constant topping up of the wine glasses meant the food was very much needed, however things started to go a bit blurry after the main course and everyone started getting very merry. Naturally selfies were taken.

Dan also stole my namecard and wrote some very rude words on it, and they wouldn't let me see what he'd written until he'd passed it to Dom who put a photo of it on Facebook. To be fair though it had me in stitches from laughing so hard, and I forgave him fairly quickly. I can't stay mad at him for very long. I won't show you a photo of what he wrote on there though as my Nan reads this.

Anyway. Dessert was my favourite dish of them all; Chocolate and Cranberry pudding served with a warm berry compote. 

After dinner we all moved through to the bar and courtyard while they cleared the tables to make way for the DJ's and dance floor! I don't remember much about this 'inbetween' part. I just remember climbing on-top of the giant life-sized Aslan lion and having a photo taken by a pro photographer (I haven't seen it yet), and having some weird and crazy conversations with the guys, as well as having lots of hugs and catch ups with the girls. Oh, and Dan taking over the servant job from Dom... and promptly lifting the train of my dress up way too high so he was promptly fired and Dom reinstated.

Finally the dance floor was ready and after an entertainer had performed, I dragged Peter and Dan onto it! They're both ah-mazing dancers, it's hilarious seeing everyone step away from them when they start dancing and everyone just stands and watches them cheering them on.

James looks like he's having a  great time! ^

I don't remember much after this, but it was a bloody good night with lots of dancing and shape throwing! I didn't take many photos on the dance-floor as I was having far too good a time dancing with my friends, but the few in this post that I did take make me smile so much! I bloody love my friends. Thank you all for such a brilliant night!

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  1. Aaah I've been a member of the Lansdowne for yonks but have yet to attend any of their famous balls. From the food to the entertainment, sounds like you had an epic night :) xx

  2. Sounds and looks incredible, and loveee the dress :)

    Sophie x

  3. This looks like so much fun! I hope you have a great Christmas! The dress looks gorgeous on you! :) xx Kenzie

  4. Looks amazing! I can't wait for an occasion to dress up! hope you had a wonderful time :)

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