Monday, 7 December 2015

Kraków, Poland - Wawel Cathedral.

On our very last morning in Kraków we awoke to clear blue skies and sunshine! We'd walked up to Wawel Cathedral the previous day but it was cold and gloomy and we got there just minutes after the Cathedral closed. So on our last morning we decided to arise early and head back up to Wawel (just a 5min walk from our hotel), to finally see this stunning 900-year-old Cathedral. It's steeped in history, and Pope John Paul II (then Karol Wojtyla) was even ordained as a priest there in 1946!

It was worth the early start.

Sadly photos weren't allowed inside, but it was b-eautiful. Absolutely breathtaking. The only downside was that we found the staff and priests quite unfriendly. I constantly felt as though we shouldn't be there, which peeved me off a little. As a Catholic it annoys me so much to feel unwelcome in my own church, and even more annoyed that anyone else from outside the Catholic church would feel unwelcome. 

Anywho, after taking in the beauty of the Cathedral we went outside to have a wander in the sunshine.

After a while taking in the history surrounding us, we decided to walk back through the main town, up Grodzka, and round the long way back to the hotel. After all, we were going to be sat down for a few hours at the airport and on the plane, so we thought we may as well make the most of being about to walk around in the fresh air!

It was so lovely to see Kraków in the sunshine before we left. It's beautiful even in the clouds, but in the sunshine it was really something. It made such a lovely change to visit a city that felt like an old medieval town. We collected our suitcases and said goodbye to the Sheraton Krakow. It had been a very comfortable stay, and if you like modern luxury this hotel is definitely for you!

We hopped in a taxi and after spending all of our PLN buying vodka and chocolate in duty free, got on the plane back to London. We had a really lovely weekend in Kraków. If you're after a relaxed weekend eating good Eastern European food and wandering around a really beautiful town steeped in history, this is the place for you.

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  1. I'm really enjoying your Krakow posts, they're getting me so excited for Poland in January! x

    Jasiminne: Posh, Broke, & Bored

  2. I've really enjoyed reading all of your Poland posts! The photos and descriptions make me want to go there right now. Sounds like a really nice trip!
    xx Kenzie

  3. I definitely want to visit Krakow even more after your posts!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  4. I didn't realize that you were Catholic too - shame they weren't friendlier but the cathedral looks stunning

  5. wow! this place is so beautiful! thanks for sharing your lovely photos!

    Jessica |

  6. Nice photos! Your blog is
    inspiring. Krakow offers many attractions. Don't worry about those grumpy
    priests. It's a shame, of course. Perhaps they didn't understand something.
    Nevermind. You can enjoy Krakow in so many ways... I liked it so much in Krakow
    that I decided to study Polish at Prolog: It's cool.
    At first it was funny when we tried to speak and we were laughing like really


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