Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Ping Pong at BOUNCE Shoreditch.

I effing love ping pong, we even have a table tennis table at home. As kids the highlight of any holiday was my brother and I playing table tennis together - we play it like normal tennis, so it's super fun (for us, not for anyone around us). I first went to BOUNCE in Holborn last year with work, and had the best time, so I was pretty excited to go check out the new BOUNCE ping pong in Shoreditch.

As many of you know I only go to Shoreditch for one reason; food. So it was kind of a big thing for me to go, and my boss was super impressed with me, especially as this was the very first time I've ever been to Shoreditch and not cried/burst into tears spontaneously on the street (I always get lost then panic and freak out, okay). I proudly went into work the next day and announced it, and they all humored me because they're nice like that.

Shev (who you may remember from Slovakia) was running late as usual (seriously, every.single.time), so for the 40 minutes it took for her to arrive one of the lovely staff members at BOUNCE played ping pong with me and got me cocktails. When Shev arrived she was quick to take over the bat, and after a few rounds of ping pong we were ready for dinner!

We sat down at one of the booth tables right in the heart of the venue, it's such a fun place to be, there's such an awesome atmosphere! Everyone's laughing and joking around and having fun. 

We both chose pizzas, with light desserts of sorbet.

Everything was delicious! We had such a fun evening at BOUNCE, it's such a great place to go with both friends and work colleagues. I will definitely be back soon!

Have you ever been to BOUNCE?

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*We were invited to BOUNCE as guests, and therefore our ping pong and food/drinks were complimentary. As always my opinions are my own, and we genuinely had a really fun evening!


  1. I loooove Bounce but haven't been to Shoreditch branch - such fun with friends! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  2. Ooooh I've never been but this sounds really fun! Pizzas look EPIC too!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

  3. I love Ping Pong and those food looks delicious. Sounds like a great time :)


  4. Looks like you had a good time! I've been to to the one in Holborn a few times and always enjoyed it, a nice night out for sure! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. Ohhh I've heard such great things about ping pong at Bounce - and your review looks great too :)



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