Tuesday, 17 November 2015

One of Those Nights - Tape London.

I wasn't going to blog this, I tend to avoid blogging about events and nights out too much as they never get much engagement or views, but then I remember why I started this blog. I started it to document my life so in the future I could look back and have a sort of (censored) diary. Sometimes it's not just about writing for your audience and trying to get the most pageviews, sometimes you have to write for you as well.

Last Saturday was my friend Sufi's birthday. We started the night in the members bar upstairs at Cafe Royal, we sipped champagne and gossiped about the latest news in the London fashion world. One of the reasons I love Sufi and Jemima and that group is that they keep me up to date on everything that's going on, now that I don't work in the fashion world. It's been almost two years since I left, and the thing I miss about it the most is the gossip. There's always something interesting going on. I loved just chatting about what various people were up to and reminiscing. Sad eh?

Anyway, after a couple of hours drinking bubbly and catching up and gossiping and talking about the future of social influencers, we headed over to Cuckoo Club, where I'd been for Halloween just a couple of weeks ago. I do love Cuckoo Club, on Fridays they play great music and it's just really fun. Sadly on Saturday the music is all House though, which none of us are too keen on.

These Girls <3 Three Shades of Blonde.

Also the toilets at Cuckoo are super awesome. #boobytrap

We had a table and a huge magnum of vodka, but the music was just really annoying us all and Sufi wasn't enjoying herself as much as she should have been, so we decided to leave after about an hour. We still had half a magnum of vodka left though so we gave it to the guys on the table next to us. 

We walked/strutted/stumbled up to Hanover Square, to Tape. Tape is a relatively new nightclub in London, and has two parts to it. The main nightclub which anyone can go into if you're on a guestlist or promoters table, then there's the upstairs VIP mezzanine level which is for the big spenders, and then there's Little Tape. Little Tape is a private members club for musicians and people in the industry.

In the couple of months Tape has been open it's developed a bit of a name for itself in the industry, it's the new 'in' place to go. Numerous musicians have played DJ sets and performed at Tape already, including Rudimental, Miguel, ASAP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, and even Lewis Hamilton! We went round the side to the entrance of Little Tape and were taken downstairs and through to a table. As soon as we stepped through the doors we were faced with James Corden.

Obviously we asked for a photo. He was really friendly and super nice and was having such a good time, it put a massive smile on my face seeing him act in real life like he does on TV! We walked in and he patted all of us on the shoulder and welcomed us in. The photo above makes me laugh so much though, he looks starstruck to meet us rather than the other way round, hahaha! Either that or he was just terrified of us... 

After getting to our table the others loaded up on more alcohol while I stuck to co-cola after my one glass of champagne back at Cafe Royal, and we collected our playing cards that would get us back into the Little Tape members lounge from the main nightclub, and then made our way through the secret door to the nightclub. 

The small corridor and second door leads out onto the VIP mezzanine level of the nightclub, and the playing card essentially gets you everywhere in the club (no, you can't just bring your own playing cards - they have a special stamp on them). 

The nightclub part of Tape is in-sane. Oh my days. I am in LOVE. The crowd was awesome, the music was absolutely incredible (R&B and Hip-Hop - much more my kinda music than bloody House), and the whole vibe and feel of the club was just epic. This is without a doubt my new favourite place to party. I even preferred the main nightclub to the members lounge (which had the same music being played in it). We spent hours dancing the night away. Even when my feet were hurting, I still danced, it was that good.

However, we did go down the stairs onto the main floor and very quickly ran back up to our safe haven. It was very crowded and felt super claustrophobic, you couldn't dance at all, and the floor manager accused me of 'drunkenly' knocking over a load of drinks on a table when it wasn't even me, it was someone else. I tried to explain to him that I was sober (I was driving), and that it wasn't me, and he threatened to 'remove me from the floor'. It shook me up a bit, so Sufi and I went back up to the mezzanine then the members lounge where we could dance without being pushed around.

We had such an amazing time at Tape, but I did find the staff quite unfriendly. At one point Jemima and I were just dancing in a space in the members lounge when one of One Direction's security guys asked us what we were doing (Niall was sitting at a table nearby). We told him we were dancing, and he asked us to move somewhere else. Sorry, but the lounge was really small, there wasn't anywhere else for us to dance, and we're not exactly One Direction's audience (aka, we're 24, not 14). Although they're a guilty pleasure of ours we're not big enough fans that we'll accost them in a private members club (James Corden however, was a totally different matter).

Anyway, it was just one of those nights that was awesome in pretty much every way. A night with awesome people, awesome locations, awesome music, and just all-round epic-ness and fun times. Tape, I effing love you. Can I please come back every Saturday night?

Happy Birthday Sufi!

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  1. Aww - it has been ages since I had a great night out! Not that any of my great nights out ever incorporated celebrities - I love James Cordon! That is so awesome!

  2. What a cool night! So glad you shared it! :) xx

  3. funny you said posts like these don't get much views/clicks, this is the first in a while that caught my attention in the bloglovin feed! go girl, you do YOU :)

  4. Ahhh...that's what I love about your blog. You blog about real life not just PR stuff :) I agree I like to keep mine as a personal diary (minus anything too cringe!)
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  5. Sounds like you've found a great new nightspot! HATE being accused of being drunk when I'm sober - pet peeve!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries


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