Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Exploring Palm Island in St Vincent and The Grenadines.

Despite us being on Palm Island for a week, and despite it being a fairly small island, we didn't actually get to see all of it! I know I know, fail. We kept ourselves to the Caribbean Sea side of the island, and didn't really venture round to the side that sits on the Atlantic. As I said previously, it was incredibly hot the whole week we were there, reaching into the high thirties most days, and with little breeze it was hard work walking around! 

We did walk up to the Iguana Trail one morning, which gave us incredible views over Union Island and the Caribbean Side of Palm Island. Sadly though, with my sore throat combined with asthma and heat it didn't end too well and we eventually walked back down and practically crawled onto the beach!

I just stripped off and lay down on the sand and let the ocean gently lap around me, before jumping in! I'm completely in love with my new swimsuit. I'm not a massive swimsuit person usually, but when I saw this I just had to have it. And I actually found it quite easy to swim in, I was worried by boobs might fall out but they were actually OK!

Also I have to say, despite eating a huge amount of carbs before this trip, I felt the most comfortable I've felt in a swimsuit/bikini for years! I don't know why, but for some reason I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and with my body just the way it is!? I don't know what's changed or sparked this, but man am I totally in love with my curves and extra wobbly bits these days!

Swimsuit from here.

We spent most of our time on Palm Island just relaxing, snorkelling and enjoying the beaches. The ocean was perfectly clear, and the fish would just come and swim around you, waiting for a bit of bread! 

My seaweed bikini is from here.

One afternoon we went paddle boarding, and it didn't go too well. It looks so easy!!! It definitely isn't. The afternoon we chose was the afternoon it was really windy, so when Rach tried to stand up she fell off, and I was too scared to even attempt it so I just stayed kneeling. With the strong wind it was super difficult to paddle, and I ended up drifting out over the dark deep patch of water towards Union Island. Naturally I started panicking and erm...screamed...very loudly...shrieking for help...I just panicked OK! Thankfully I managed to paddle as hard as possible and get back to the beach! I won't be paddle boarding again.

We also made full use of the pool! It had a waterfall, which made for great fun. We're easily pleased.

We spent our lunches at the Sunset restaurant watching the waves lap against the shore, whilst sipping on cocktails.

My Sunglasses are Massimo Dutti. Top is Zara.

Oh, then there was also the time I tried to casually lie in a double hammock by myself and fell out...awks...

One evening we watched Pirates of the Caribbean on the beach surrounded by the islands where it was filmed....

And another evening we took part in crab racing! Which was great fun and absolutely hilarious! They use hermit crabs, and once each one has 'raced' they let them back into the wild.

We loved our evenings at the bar, the cocktails really were incredible! I love the photo Rachael got of me taking a photo of my cocktail, haha, you can see the resulting photo below that one!

I miss Palm Island so much already, Here are a few photos from our last evening! On Friday I'll be telling you all about swimming with sea turtles, so keep an eye out for that!!

Palm Island, I love you.

Watch my vlog below to see what we got up to throughout the week!

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I was a guest of Palm Island throughout my stay. You can find out more about staying at this incredibly special luxury private island on their website, and you can book the brilliant all-inclusive package which includes flights through Virgin Holidays here. As always all opinions (and accompanying emotions and cry-sessions) are my own.


  1. Ahhh...wonderful!! You look gorgeous in your swimsuit! I often find in places like Miami and LA there's loads of pressure and I feel quite self conscious but there's something very freeing about being on a beautiful tropical island where you feel like you can just be yourself! I love everything, the hammock, the cocktails, the wonder you miss being there.
    Lots of love,

  2. Looks like a lot of fun♥♥

  3. I literally cannot get over how idyllic this place is! SO beautiful. I love crab racing on hols (lol) and paddle boarding - you need to give it another try!! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  4. Beautiful photos! The sea is such a gorgeous colour!

    I love your swimsuit!

    Lauren x |

  5. looks so so lovely! the hotel is being added to my list :)


  6. It's so beautiful it doesn't actually look real! I'm with you about the swimsuit, you look stunning x

  7. Siiiiiiiiigh. All the envies right now (and none of the decent grammar) especially with the London rain hitting our pavements... That swimsuit is gorgeous on you!

  8. Oh wow!!! What an absolutely beautiful place!! It looks like a dream! And stunning photos! Definitely going on my list of places id like to go! Great post!! Xx

  9. You look gorgeous, Catherine! That swimsuit looks absolutely amazing on you! I'm literally stunned every time I read one of your posts; it looks like the most incredible island and the best place to catch up with your best friend.

    Amazing - can't wait for Friday's post!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

  10. Oh wow, this place looks incredible! You look amazing and so does your best friend - I bet it was the perfect place to spend some time together :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  11. Those tiny crabs are so cute it hurts! Everything about this post is giving me waterlust, island-lust even! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  12. oh my goodness how amazing does it look? Love the photos lying on the sand. it looks so peaceful

  13. Oh that water is just amazing... and there's something about the Caribbean which makes you slow down, I can imagine why you wouldn't feel like rushing around exploring the island. And that swimsuit is SO glam, looks amazing!

  14. Fab shots, fab place and looks like you had a fab time. And don't worry about the wobbly bits - everyone has them :)

  15. Wow this place looks absolutely amazing! I love your pictures, so much fun x

  16. If only I could have my own slice of paradise like palm island, I can't believe how crystal clear the waters are absolutely stunning x

  17. Wow - just wow! Looks like absolute paradise! Would give anything to be on an island like this right now rather than rainy old London! x

  18. Oh my goodness - this truly looks like paradise. Your photos are amazing - and crab racing!? How fab is that? Kaz x

  19. Stunning -- paradise island right there! xx
    Wander with Laura


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