Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Gallery Mess, Chelsea.

Last week a fabulous group of my favourite bloggers and I headed down to The Gallery Mess at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea for dinner with Duke of York Square. It was a great evening full of loads of food and fun!

The Gallery Mess has been on my radar for a while as it's one of the few restaurants in London that allows large groups. I considered it for my birthday last year before deciding to go all out and just join forces with Diego instead. The restaurant is light and bright, with modern features, and the food is handled by London caterers, Rhubarb

We started with champagne, before sitting down at our table and choosing what to have. 

I won't be showing you everyone's meals as the post would be really rather long (let's face it, ain't nobody got time for that), so I'll just show you mine and a couple of others that I got major food envy of. I was joined by Mina, Suze, Frankie, Gary, Poppy, Angie, Fiona, Julie, and two of the fab PRs from Duke of York Square, Caroline and Becky!

While waiting for our starters to arrive we munched on the beautifully fresh bread rolls (is it just me who loves photos of bread!?), slathered in melting butter. I stopped drinking alcohol at this point as I'm trying to be good, so I chose a Lychee non-alcoholic cocktail which was delicious, and so refreshing!

For starters I chose scallops, mainly because I already knew I wanted meat for mains and a big fat dessert, but also because I really love them. If you're a long-term reader you'll likely already know that I order them at any opportunity. 

The scallops were delicious, and the perfect light starter to prepare me for the onslaught of carbs about to hit my belly.

I chose the Lavender Honey Glazed Duck for my main meal, it was cooked perfectly and oh so tasty. I really loved the peaches, and the subtle flavour of the lavender worked really well!

Fiona was sat next to me, and I had instant food envy of her gorgeous drool-inducing steak!  

Dessert was another incredible course. I chose the Cherry & Almond Crumble which was just perfect! I love crumble, and this one was a brilliant one.

Naturally I also had major food envy of Frankie's chocolat fondant...

And also Fiona's Champagne poached peaches...

If I could have I would have eaten all of those desserts. But I couldn't for it would have all gone straight onto my child-bearing hips. We all spent hours chatting about all things blogging, I do love catching up with blogger friends as they understand everything to do with the blog world. 

We had such a wonderful evening at the Gallery Mess, and it was made even more special by some of the gorgeous brands on Duke of York Square gifting us some really thoughtful gifts - you'll be seeing some of them in my upcoming Caribbean posts in early October! I'll be in The Grenadines when the fabulous London Fashion Weekend in Chelsea is taking place, but if you're around you should definitely check it out! 

There'll be catwalk shows from some London Fashion Week designers, shopping at exclusive prices from over 150 of the world’s best brands around Duke of York Square, trend presentations, panel discussions with leading experts and the opportunity to chat with the industry’s most revered and respected. 

A huge thank you to The Gallery Mess and Duke of York Square for giving us all such a great evening!

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  1. Great write up and photos! It was such a lovely night! I've got my eye on the chocolate market on the 17th of October!
    Lots of love,

  2. I'm hoping to make it to the chocolate market too. Lovely summary of the evening Catherine, and impressed that you resisted the champagne unlike me!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  3. What a lovely evening! Really sad that I missed it but hopefully catch up with you soon! I'm with you on scallops, I always order them when I can.

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

  4. I'm loving yours and Angie's post - but serious FOMO, guys :( x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  5. It looks so incredibly good! I am immediately hungry even though I just had dinner...


  6. What a lovely evening this must have been! By the way, strangely I too love looking at photos of bread!! I often find that something classic, like a crumble, done properly can be much more satisfying than many twists and I think I'd have chosen the same as you!

  7. I think that peach dessert looks absolutely dreamy, and thanks for the heads up about Fashion Weekend in Chelsea!

  8. Delicious - the company, the food, the surrounds ;)

  9. Oh what an amazing place! I love the decor & food presentation. It's so chic & elegant. I will keep the Gallery Mess in mind next time we are visiting London!! x

  10. Such a great night and so lovely to see you again! That duck was pretty fabulous x

  11. Everything looks gorgeous ! I think I'll have to pop in there next time I'm in London! Great write up! 😊

  12. wow that all looks amazing. Champagne for welcome drinks is always good! I'm heading to london next weekend with some of my best blogging friends and cannot wait!

  13. Wow, those photos and the food looks amazing. Looks like it was a really nice restaurant.

  14. oh my goodness those deserts look absolutely delicious. I love champagne as a welcome drink always a nice way to start an evening

  15. What a gorgeous looking place to eat, I love the vibe and the soft lighting is so pretty. The desserts look so delicious, wish I had found somewhere like this to eat when I was in London in June.

  16. Those champagne peaches look insanely good! Definite food envy from your photos, might have to go check this out soon!

    Erin Islandbell xxxx

  17. Great write up and fabulous pictures, yum I love champagne! That food is like a work of art!

  18. Have really enjoyed reading the posts from this evening - all sounds so fun and looks so delicious! V jealous!!! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  19. Great photos! The food looks absolutely incredible! <3



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