Thursday, 24 September 2015

A Morning in St Ives, Cornwall.

On the day when blue skies decided to make a small appearance and we had a glimpse of summer, mum, dad, and I went to St Ives. It's one of my favourite places in Cornwall, and I love to go there each time I visit. It's pretty touristy and busy, but it's too cute to not visit, and on a bright sunny day with no wind the water and beaches look like those you'd find on a tropical island!

Parking can be difficult in St Ives, so we parked at Lelant and got the train in. It was Dylan's first ever train ride, and he was a liiiittle bit scared to say the least. He had no idea what was going on or why the train was making noises and moving at an alarming speed, so he got a bit stressed out and kept trying to jump up onto the seats next to us.

We arrived and strolled the short way to the centre of St Ives from the station along the front, passing by numerous new cafes and restaurants that have opened up in the four years since we were last there. St Ives is becoming a bit of a foodie destination now, and I want to go back just to try all the amazing new restaurants! Also how cute is this bakery?! I swear it wasn't there last time I visited!

We had a wander round the town and brought some tablet fudge to take back home with us. Then we went in search of a decent crab sandwich that doesn't cost £12 (seriously...£12 for a sandwich!? No thanks). Eventually we found a few cute places along the harbour front selling them for a much more reasonable £6, so we sat overlooking the harbour and I treated mum and dad to lunch.

We then walked round the headland towards the Tate art museum, stopping off at a dog-friendly beach on the way to give Dylan a run. He absolutely loves the beach, and he had so much fun running in and out of the water with a couple of Beagle's, leaping in the air over the mini-waves and frolicking on the sand and in the rockpools. He looks so skinny with his summer haircut!

We wandered around the quieter part of the town, and then headed back through the centre to the train station. Enroute we stopped off at a beach just the other side of the Harbour near the station, where dog's are allowed, and gave Dylan another run. He was pretty unimpressed when we had to leave, and made it known by walking slowly with his head down, big puppy eyes looking up at us.

Again he wasn't a fan of the train on the way back, but this time no matter how much we try and pushed him off, he would not get off the seat! He's so stubborn and strong! He literally sat on the seat next to me, and looked straight ahead as if to say 'if I don't look at her she won't notice I'm here...', then he lay down with his back to me and absolutely refused to move.

I really love St Ives and think it's always worth a stop to have a wander, even if it does get busier and more touristy every year. It's just one of those places that's worth it, after all, the tourists go there for a reason, right?

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  1. Your photos of St Ives are gorgeous BUT the award goes to the Dylan photos - ALL the Dylan photos! He's so painfully cute and headstrong, and he looks so happy on the beach! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  2. I have never been to St Ives but it looks lovely! Your dog is also adorable

    Lauren x |

  3. I love the photos of Dylan, he looks like such a happy dog! St Ives looks beautiful.
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  4. All these photos take me back to being a child and visiting Cornwall with my family. My mum and dad considered moving to St Ives back in the day as they loved it so much!

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook | Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  5. Okay I totally fell in love with Dylan and St. Ives! I haven't been for years - I think a visit is long overdue... I just need to find myself a Dylan to take too!!! So adorable.

    Lloyd :-)


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