Saturday, 22 August 2015

Top 7 Current Lifestyle Favourites.

So there are a few things I want to share that I'm LOVING at the moment, but don't want to write a full post about them (partly due to not enough photos), so I thought I'd share them in a little roundup instead! This is just a fun post to help break up the travel and onslaught of food posts that are about it come your way ;)

1. Film - Trainwreck

I don't often go to the cinema anymore, I'm not really sure why, I tend to visit in bursts. I won't go for months then I'll go every week for three weeks. Out of the films I've seen in the latest burst, Trainwreck has stood out the most. I went to a screening of it a coupla weeks before it came out, and it was hilarious. I was doubled over and crying laughing at some parts! It's slightly too long, I'd say it could be about half an hour shorter, but despite the length it's too good not to see. Amy Schumer is brilliant, and I found parts of her character pretty relatable. You can watch the trailer here. Also, Tilda Swinton is bloody brilliant in it, and I didn't even realise it was her until weeks later because she looks and sounds so different!

2. Music - Oh My Love & Shut Up + Dance

There are two songs I've had on repeat the past couple of months. I found The Score on Youtube long before Asda used their song, and I fell in love with Oh My Love the moment I heard it. It's SUCH a happy summer song!!! I can't get enough of it. I even used it in my Youtube channel trailer which you can see here (please do subscribe - I have lots of Paris videos and vlogs coming soon)! Shut Up + Dance is another one, it just makes me want to dance around the room and definitely brightens up my morning commutes.

3. London Bar - Archer Street

I know I know, I've gone on so often about how much I love Archer Street that this isn't really new information. I even had my 23rd birthday there. But my love for it was reignited after a few months of not going, and it remains the funnest bar in London. The girls and I had a girls night out there last night, and it was the most fun I've had in ages! We danced on the tables, I did the One For Sorrow routine with DJ Dazza, and we continued the dancing down Carnaby Street as we walked back to my car, singing Proud Mary at the tops of our voices as we went.

4. London Club - Geisha

Geisha is a relatively new club which my friend Diego opened up a few months back with Piers Adam and Marc Burton. Sadly I couldn't go to the launch as I had something else on, and my membership card has been sitting in my purse untouched since Geisha opened. Last weekend I finally went down to check it out, and I know I'm slightly biased, but oh em gee. It was EPIC. I'm gonna write up a full post in a few days time as we went there for Lotte's birthday and had so much fun!

5. London Restaurant - Social Wine and Tapas

I went here with Lauren and Zoe, and we had such a lovely evening! The food was amazing and the restaurant really cool. I'll have a proper review up tomorrow, but I couldn't not include it in my current favourites!

6. Blog Post - Hand Luggage Only: Isles of Scilly

I've been reading Hand Luggage Only for so long, I just love Lloyd and Yaya's writing style, I love reading their personalities through their writing, and they take gorgeous photos. They recently went to the Isles of Scilly, and their posts have made me long to go back! I went there last year for a long weekend on a press trip, but my family on my Dad's side are from Scilly so it has a very special place in my heart. I stayed in my great-great grandfather's old pub on Tresco, The New Inn, and it's been super weird (but also really cool!) seeing it in Lloyd and Yaya's posts and photos! 

Photo from my post about my weekend on Tresco

7. App - CAKE

This little app has been a bit of a game changer as of late. Do you ever get tired of having to work out the cost of your meal when splitting the bill? Passing that little piece of paper round the table, and then having to work out who missed what off theirs when the waiter says you still owe the restaurant money? Or how about waiting ages for the bill to arrive? Well, CAKE takes that problem away. 

All you have to do is download the app, which is free for both iOS and Android. At the end it tells you how much you owe, and you don't have to worry about waiting for the waiter to bring your bill, you can just pay via the app on your phone and leave! No worry about cash, cards, or waiting for the bill. If you download the app for iOS or Android, type in the promo code LUXLIFE and you'll even get £10 credit for food and drink at any of the participating restaurants! (which include The Electric Diner, Bunga Bunga, Barts, and heaps more!

What are your favourite things at the moment?

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  1. I loved Trainwreck, I saw it months ago tho so defo thinking of going again!! Love Hand Luggage Only too, defo have the Scilly isles on my hit list, looks amazing xx

  2. Loving the roundup - lately I've not as much time as I like to read blog posts, so reading numbered posts really make me feel more efficient! Lifestyle-wise, my favourites are...uh, I don't even know if I have a lifestyle anymore, my whole life has been consumed with running Regimental Vintage. Oh the woes of a new business owner! Hopefully my Russia trip will be the much needed balance I crave! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  3. Great list of favs, I'm so jealous of your London life! and that CAKE app sounds really handy! I'm just about to go out for food..

    Becca xx

  4. I love the idea of the CAKE app, such a brilliant concept. Looking forward to hearing more about Geisha

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  5. And what a list of life lately favourites!

  6. Lovely list hon. I loved HLO blog too! Their photos are just stunning and they'e been everywhere!
    Lots of love,

  7. I love the idea of the Cake app, sounds like you've had a lovely fun week

  8. Ahhh as if I didn't already want to see Trainwreck enough!!! Now desperate! And CAKE sounds amazing - about time they invented that!! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions


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