Saturday, 15 August 2015

Lunch at La Gare, Paris.

We didn't have a lot of time in Paris, but Phoebe and I decided we wanted a long leisurely lunch at a typically Parisian restaurant that was off the beaten track. A lot of the Michelin starred restaurants are closed over the summer, and after lots of research we stumbled across La Gare in the La Muette area of Paris, a short 15 minute walk from the Trocadero. Described as one of the 'trendiest' restaurants in Paris, it sounded right up our street, and the menu looked perfect!

steak and fries at La Gare Paris Restaurant

We had reserved a table for 1pm, although we needn't have done so. A lot of the Parisians are out of town during summer (hence a lot of restaurants are closed), and as it's off the tourist path it was very quiet. We found it very easily; an impressive building, it used to be a train station (hence the name, La Gare), and headed inside.

La Gare Paris Restaurant

As you go in you enter into the bar, but as you descend down a large staircase it becomes apparent that it's a little like Narnia. 

La Gare Paris Restaurant

From the outside the building looks fairly small, however the space is absolutely huge! The restaurant is full of light, and just beautiful! It's incredibly elegant and classy, and felt really quite special.

Inside La Gare Paris Restaurant

La Gare Restaurant Paris

La Gare Paris Restaurant La Muette

Everyone was sat outside in the glorious sunshine, and after our busy morning flying to Paris, we welcomed the chance to sit down with a menu full of French dishes to choose from in front of us. It felt wonderful to be surrounded by French voices, you know you're in a decent Paris restaurant when everyone else there is French and you're the only foreigners.

Outside La Gare Paris Restaurant

La Gare Paris Restaurant Menu

We decided to go for two courses rather than three, as we thought we'd be eating quite a bit on-and-off through the afternoon. Both of us chose a main and a dessert, and we were so glad we did! We spent a while deliberating over what to drink, looking at the delicious sounding cocktails, feeling tempted by a cool glass of champagne or rose, but in the end we decided to stick to water as we were going to the Mandarin Oriental for cocktails in the afternoon (and we all know how much of a lightweight I am...).

Steak at La Gare Paris Restaurant

I chose steak and chips, I'd fancied a nice big juicy steak all day, and this one was probably one of the best I've had. Our waiter was fantastic, his English was perfect and he was patient with us while we practiced/butchered (excuse the pun) our French. 

La Gare Paris Restaurant steak

He helped me choose which steak I should have, and asked if I wanted it cooked medium - he seemed quite shocked when I asked for medium-rare. I love a steak that's juicy and a little bloody - I can't stand well-cooked steaks! The fries were deliciously crunchy and I happily dipped them into the Bearnaise sauce that came with the steak.

Steak Tartare at La Gare Paris Restaurant

Phoebe opted for the steak tartare and fries, and was suitably impressed. 

Angelina Paris Lime Cheesecake at La Gare Restaurant

For dessert Phoebe had the Angelina Lime Cheesecake, I had a little fork-full and it was perfection!

Chocolate fondant at La Gare Paris Restaurant

Chocolate Fondant dessert at La Gare Restaurant

I however, went for the Chocolat Fondant. Rich and decadent, it melted in my mouth. I think you can see from the photos how incredible this was...

Rich chocolate fondant at La Gare Paris Restaurant

After reading mixed reviews online we were highly impressed with our entire experience at La Gare, and we left on a total high; happy from such delicious French comfort food and just elated by the lovely staff who'd been so kind to us. The restaurant is absolutely beautiful, and on our way out we decided to take a look at the roof terrace which is part of the cafe/bar part of La Gare. It was very green and would be lovely if you just want a quick sandwich!

Roof terrace at La Gare Paris Restaurant

The barman was really friendly and asked how our meal was - he'd remembered that we were the English girls who'd asked him how to get to the restaurant, so asked us in English and I did my best 'C'est delicioux!'...then Phoebe reminded me that that actually means 'it is delicious' not 'it WAS delicious'. Oops. He laughed and we left to go and wander the streets of La Muette and Passy on our way to the Trocadero. See what we got up to on Day 1 in Paris here!

Lol at my face in this photo... 
The view as you walk out of La Gare!

We really loved our meal at La Gare, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone visiting (or living in) Paris! Even the lady at the Mandarin Oriental said 'Ooh that's very trendy!' when she asked where we'd eaten lunch. I think that's a good sign, right?

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My flight to Paris was kindly given to me complimentary in return for posts about my time in the city. Air France offers over 50 weekly flights from London Heathrow to Paris-Charles de Gaulle. Return fares in economy start from £76, including all taxes and fees. For more information and to book, visit their website


  1. Just how YUMMY!

  2. With so many great restaurants in Paris it's hard to choose but this looks perfect!
    Lots of love,

    1. It's a really difficult decision, but I'm so glad we chose La Gare!

  3. This looks amazing! Beautiful photography, as ever. I've been to Paris once and would love to go back so I'll bear this in mind for the future :)

  4. That food looks delicious. And the setting of the restaurant is beautiful! It looks so big and spacious for a restaurant in Paris. I've added to my list to try the next time I'm there! Thanks for the recommendation :)


    1. It was fantastic! Definitely one of the best meals I've had as of late. The restaurant is just beautiful!

  5. La Gare looks stunning, definitely on my to visit list and the roof terrace has the wow factor. I'd have to choose the chocolate fondant too

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    1. It really is! Would love to know if you do end up going!

  6. Oh wow that steak looks AMAZING! Definitely want to visit here next time I'm in Paris xx

  7. Parisian steak & friendly services? Yes please...

    1. I know, I still can't believe how lucky we were!

  8. The food looks absolutely amazing!!!

    Lauren x

  9. Beautiful restaurant and even better looking food! Love me a steak and fondant - glad they were on point! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

    1. Same, so glad they were so good! Would have been devastated if they weren't haha!

  10. Awesome post and look xo

  11. Looks lovely! We were in Paris just at the end of last week too and a lot of our choices of restaurants were shut. Can't wait to go back! x

    1. Yeh, it's tough in the summer when most of the restaurants are closed :( ah well, La Gare was incredible and I'm so glad we went!


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