Saturday, 11 July 2015

Henley Royal Regatta 2015.

The weather at Henley last year was awful, we sat outside eating our cream tea with umbrellas up. Thankfully this year it was far better, the sun was shining and the day glorious. I wore a French Connection dress, I adore the shape of it and the bright lime green colour, it's just such a summery happy dress! 

I picked Hilary up from Guildford station and we drove to Henley to meet the rest of the group at Phyllis Court Club. I went to Stewards Enclosure three years ago but didn't particularly enjoy it, it was incredibly stuffy and the majority of my friends were at Phyllis Court. Phyllis Court is much more relaxed and just a really lovely day out. 

We spent the day drinking pimms, watching a few of the races, and eating cream teas. It was perfect, just really lovely to catch up with people I haven't seen for a while and soak up the sun. I'll leave you with a little photo diary of the day. FYI: I hate my hair in these photos. I tried to straighten it but didn't use my usual straightening products so then I went half wavy.

Amy is so petite she makes constantly makes me look massive whenever I stand next to her. Ugh.

Bella covering her boobs with her pimms.

Every year Simon wears something outrageous, last year it was bright canary yellow trousers, this year it was a bright pink tie with a clashing striped jacket and shirt. The hat was borrowed for photographic purposes...he doesn't usually walk around in a women's hat.

On our way into Phyllis Court the men on the door told me I had to make sure I kept my dress held down as it was windy. The material is really light so the slightest bit of wind and it blows up, so I'd gone prepared with 'sensible' *ahem* underwear that looked more like bikini bottoms rather than a little lacy number that shows the whole world my rather large behind. I assured them I would keep my dress held firmly down throughout the day (and I did), however when we left and walked out of the gates, I couldn't resist a twirl in the's just one of those twirly dresses...

In the early evening myself, Hilary, Arabella, and Amy all left to head back to London for Catherine's birthday celebrations in the Lux-mobile, while Sid and Sarah went back in Sid's flashy merc. We got changed at ROSL then met the others at The Century Club for food and cocktails, before going on to Cafe de Paris for a VIP night out. But alas, more on that very soon...

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  1. I have always wanted to go!! this looks like such a good event!! Maybe next year!! :)

    1. You must go, it's such a lovely day out!

      C x

  2. Looks like you had a great time Catherine, I like the twirling and Henry's hat suits hiim to a tee ;-)

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  3. Some dresses are just made for twirling!


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