Tuesday, 5 May 2015


A couple of weeks ago I turned 24. Twenty-Four. Where have the years gone? I'm almost a quarter of a century, and yet it still feels like yesterday that I was 17 years old, running wild with the sun on my back, and the breeze blowing my hair around my face, staring wide eyed up at the sun and collapsing on the riverbank content in the fact that at that very moment, my life was completely and utterly perfect. It's funny how things change; how you grow up, move on, and end up where you didn't expect to end up at this age. Life is full of surprises, mostly good ones. Ones that at 17 I never could have imagined happening to me. 

And so as I enter a new stage in my life, one of growing up and maturing, becoming slightly more sensible (but only ever so slightly...), and looking to the future, naturally I had to leave my early twenties with a bang, and enter the 'mids' with a party to remember. 

I've actually had two birthday celebrations in the past couple of weeks, the first was a lot of fun, but Roof Gardens messed up so I spent a lot of the night concerned about my guests and whether they were suitably inebriated. To their credit they are doing everything they can to make up for this, and I'm going back at the end of this month for yet another birthday night. Thankfully though we started the night at my favourite bar, Barts, and they kindly gave the girls and I a sharing teapot cocktail for my birthday! I also had my favourite; the Charleston Crumble.

Then my second birthday bash was last Friday, a small group of us went to Boujis, another favourite club of mine that I've blogged about a coupla times before. Once again we had issues...my friends are all joking that my 24th birthday celebrations are clearly cursed. We had the VIP room, the drinks were arriving and flowing and it was all good...but then a very wealthy party arrived and basically paid Boujis to give them the room and kick us out...which they did. So we took our champagne and danced the night away on the dance floor, glaring at the selfish bastards who dared to ruin my second birthday attempt.

I have no clue what Edd was saying to me, but clearly I was not impressed!

Never mind about the issues though, I had a pretty epic night with some of my wonderful friends, and at the end of the day that's all that matters! We also finished the night in VQ drinking Oreo milkshakes and eating eggs benedict and sweet potato fries at 3am. Perfect! 

Let's just hope that it's third time lucky at Roof Gardens at the end of the month ;)

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  1. I can't believe Boujis kicked you out because somebody paid more, I'm seething and it's not even my party! And if you feel old, don't worry, my young persons railcard expired this weekend - I'm devastated.

  2. oh gosh that's a shame to have both places not act as they should on your birthday. I'm shocked the Boujis kicked you out, bloody terrible behaviour! It's my 24th tomorrow haha. Happy birthday though and it still looks like you had a great night xxx

  3. Wow, that's crazy. If you booked it, you booked it.

  4. I loved twenty four. In two weeks I turn twenty nine. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?

  5. I can't believe they kicked you out! Worst customer service ever.
    Happy Birthday!

  6. Sounds like you managed to make a great couple of nights of it despite the hiccups! Fingers crossed for 3rd time lucky..!

    Lauren xx | The Lifestyle Diaries

  7. I totally love your blog and that's such an awesome post! :D I will definitely keep coming back to read your future posts! :) I followed, cause I think you should keep up the great work! I'm a fan!!! ♥♥

    xoxo Ana


  8. Happy belated birthday Catherine! Looks like you had a cracking night - hope that Roof Gardens does not disappoint at the end of the month! I think the really scary birthday is number 25 next year for me...halfway to 50, baby! x

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  9. Fingers crossed that your return trip to the Roof Gardens is nicer than your last visit. It was so lovely to see you for lunch!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    1. Yes, I hope so haha! So lovely, I did love our lunch nattering away over yummy food!

      C x

  10. The wealthy party probably had no clue they were kicking you out- be mad at Bujis. Better luck on your next party :)



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