Monday, 30 March 2015

Bob's Bar & The Aviary.

Whenever I'm in Perth Anna always takes me to the coolest places, as you may already from previous posts, like when she took me to Gold Bar and Malt Supper Club. This time was no exception, first she took me to The Classroom, which is an uber cool school themed bar in North Perth that does e p i c innovative cocktails, and then a coupla days later we headed into the city to check out the rooftop bars. 

Despite being the most isolated city in the World (it's quicker to fly to Bali than Sydney!) Perth is fast becoming the hottest place to go to for food and drink, it's a foodies paradise, and a cocktail connoisseur's mecca. Needless to say it's one of the reasons I love it so much! The latest craze in Perth is rooftop bars, so we decided to check out two of the best; Bob's Bar, which is part of fine dining establishment, Print Hall, and The Aviary, which is right on the main shopping street of the city.

I really wanted to go for dinner at Print Hall while I was over here, but sadly I just don't have time (classic case of too much to do, too little time), so I settled for drinks on the rooftop at Bob's Bar. Now, Perth isn't exactly the cheapest of places, and is pretty close to London prices. Cocktails average at around $18-$25 depending on where you go, which is roughly £10-£13, so it can be pretty easy to very quickly spend $150+ on one night out just on a few cocktails.

Anyway, Print Hall is right in the CBD, and it just oozes stylish sophistication, it's housed in the old 'The West Australian' newspaper printing house, and Bob's Bar is named after Australia's very own prime minister from 1983-1991 (the year I was born!), Bob Hawke. The bar is full of quotes from the man himself, and not only do they serve great cocktails, but I hear the food is pretty darn good too.

There's even the original 'The West Australian' neon sign! Sadly my camera couldn't get it all in, so I got the most important pat 'The West' - yes, the west side of Australia is the best. Sorry east side. Like all places in Western Australia, the dress code is varied. Some women dress up to the nines, others chill out in 'thongs' and singlets, and the men are the same; some in shirts and some in tees.

In honour of Bob, Anna and I had the 'Bob-zie' sharing cocktail, but in two glasses (I'm not very good at sharing...). It was delicious, and absolutely full of different types of rum!

After our cocktails at Bob's Bar, we headed down the road to The Aviary and The Nest. The Aviary is the restaurant part, and The Nest is the rooftop bar. We were getting a bit peckish by this point so we ordered some food. I was driving so didn't have another cocktail, but they looked mighty fine! 

Food-wise we ordered Popcorn Shrimp and the Salt and Pepper Squid. I adore seafood, and try and make the most of it when I'm back in Australia as it's always so fresh! Both were so delicious!

I really loved The Aviary/Nest, it was a bit more fun and relaxed than Bob's Bar, whereas Bob's was more classy. It was also much bigger and the perfect place for drinks with a group of friends! Also check out the view of the City's skyscrapers...

We had such a great night, it was pretty chilled as I was driving, but it was lovely to catch up with Anna and just soak up the atmosphere of the city!

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  1. I love finding really cool bars - and you certainly have found a few here! I love the look of Bob's, the paper everywhere is so cool!

    Lauren xx
    The Lifestyle Diaries

  2. Oh my goodness, those cocktails and bar snacks look amazing!! What a fun place! xxx

  3. Rooftop bars are always fantastic - just so much better to visit one in a place with much more reliable weather than London ;)

  4. And what a delicious place to catch up!


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