Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bachelorette's in Brighton.

Last weekend I went on my very first hen do. Ciara doesn't like the term 'hen' though, so let's just be American and call it a Bachelorette Party. It wasn't just any old bachelorette party though, it was a weekend-long bachelorette party, that was the classiest hen-do Brighton has ever seen.

Ciara and I went to Paris and Cuba together, so I was excited to spend the weekend with her and the girls. I also finally got to meet fellow blogger and Ciara's bridesmaid, Danielle! The three bridesmaids did a fab job of organizing the whole weekend, and Ciara knew absolutely nothing about it. We all arrived on the Friday night, and even on Saturday morning she still had no idea where we were until we got to the beach and she saw the pier!

On the Friday night we all got into our comfy lounge clothes then had some champagne and nibbles. Then we tricked Ciara into thinking a stripper was coming (she begged the bridesmaids not to order one), and her face when there was a knock on the door was the funniest thing ever! I'll never forget the look of absolute horror on her face. Luckily it was actually one of her bridesmaids with a mask of Ciara's fiance on!

When we started to feel a bit peckish we ordered an Indian takeaway, and after some more champagne and games, we headed to bed to get some sleep ready for our busy Saturday.

We woke up to beautiful clear blue skies, so got dressed and had a delicious breakfast of cheeses, fruit, and croissants, before heading out for the day. Sadly the weather took a turn for the worst, and it started hailing on our way to a Charleston dance class.

The Charleston dance class was lots of fun, and it meant we deserved the 1930's themed afternoon tea at Metro Deco that came later. The tea was lovely and we were even served champagne in cute little Babycham glasses! 

The Three 'C's' - Claire, Catherine, Ciara.

The brie and onion marmalade sandwich was definitely my favourite, and the chocolate profiteroles were just divine!

After our tea we then walked back to the house along the seafront, and naturally stopped off at the Pier for some donuts just as the sun was setting. It was the most beautiful sunset, while the famous Brighton starlings performed their murmuration for us.

Photo from Danielle!

Just as we were walking back the heavens opened and it started pouring with rain, which eventually turned to hail. Danielle and I had lost the rest of the group as we were too busy taking photos (typical bloggers eh!), so we dived into a shop in an arch to wait for the storm to pass. Eventually it stopped and we made the long walk back to the house (the others had gotten a taxi - the lazy sods). 

We all dried off and showered, then got our pretty dresses on and went for dinner and drinks. We started in Maggie Mae's, where they told us we were the classiest hen-do they'd ever seen in Brighton (oh yes, that's how we role!), and a stag group asked for a photo of us with the stag. The music there was awesome and they kindly gave us a free bottle of bubbly! When the hunger pangs started we went across the road had a delicious Italian meal, before walking down the road to Casablanca for motown music and dancing. Claire, Bethany and left quite early as we were shattered, but the others managed to stay out until the early hours!

The moment we realized we have the exact same coloured hair!
Photo by Danielle

Photo by Danielle
Photo by Danielle

The next morning we had a full english breakfast before getting trains home. It was a wonderful weekend, a huge thank you to the bridesmaids for organizing such a fun time for us all! Sadly I'll be missing the wedding as I'm in Australia, but I'm so glad I got to attend the 'bachelorette weekend'. 

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  1. Lol! My first ever hen do was a weekend in Brighton where we made a music video! I can't believe you and Danielle have friends in common. What a small world!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend. I think I would run the other way if a stripper knocked on my door!!

    Katie <3


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