Sunday, 25 January 2015

Healthy Living for 2015.

I eat out a lot. And I mean, a lot. Before my blog I used to eat out 2-3 times a week anyway just with friends, but these days I get quite a lot of opportunities with my blog to review restaurants and the like, so I end up eating out probably 4-5 times a week :/ naturally this equates to a very unhealthy diet. 

I try and balance my diet as best I can with organic Greek yoghurt and fruit for breakfast, a healthy salad for lunch, and reasonably healthy snacks inbetween (although I do have a penchant for crumpets and Pret's dark chocolate and sea salt). But lately I've noticed I've put on a bit of excess weight, which is probably down to over-indulging far too much over the festive period, but no doubt eating out so often doesn't exactly help. So when Legal & General asked me to have a think about how I'd like to make my 2015 healthier it really got me thinking.

With my holiday back to Australia in just eight weeks (how has it come around so quickly!?), I need to watch what I eat to make sure I can actually fit back into my bikinis and summer dresses. Plus, I don't want for me to get over there and for my friends to be all like 'bitch you gained weight, you're hella chubs now...' rather than 'zomg we've missed you so much!' because they would say that, I have no doubt about it.

So how am I gonna do this? Well. I'm going to make better choices when it comes to picking items off the menu. I have a tendency to go for meat, I love meat. But I also love fish and seafood, so I'm going to make a more conscious choice to go for the fish option instead of the meat. I'm also going to only have two courses instead of the usual three plus loads of bread and butter, and I'm going to cut down on the amount of cocktails I drink. Did you know a Long Island Iced Tea has 800 calories in just one glass!? One glass.

Last year I briefly tried juicing, but I really didn't like the fact it took out all the fibre from the fruit & veg, so as well as watching what I eat when eating out, I'm also going to be testing out the Nutribullet that Legal & General have kindly sent to me. The great thing about it is that rather than taking out the fibre it just mushes everything up so it's drinkable, skins, pips, stalks and all!

Exercise-wise I'm just going to continue what I started from the Kelloggs Campaign, kettlebells and walking. I did Yoga in 2014 for about six months during my lunch-breaks at work, and although I really enjoyed it, sadly I had to stop as work got so busy I wasn't always able to go.

Do you have any plans to live healthier in 2015?

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  1. Yes we do eat out A LOT! I only realised that when I looked at our blogs (and my bank balance, sob). First world problems eh. x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

  2. I need to exercise a lot this year. I have the healthy diet down, but I need to get used to exercising too!

    Katie <3


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