Saturday, 31 January 2015

Dirty Bones 1st Birthday.

On Thursday I headed down to Dirty Bones in Kensington for the celebration of their first birthday. They had a special set menu, live music, and flowing cocktails. I met Beth underneath the bright neon lights outside and after descending into the unknown, we took our seats in the very trendy retro restaurant for the most epic of meals. And I really mean that, it was e p i c. I mean, just look at their birthday pecan pie!

Dirty Bones Pecan Pie

Dirty Bones Kensington

We started with a delicious and very fruity cocktail, it was quickly finished and they just didn't stop replacing our glasses - brilliant! The menu looked insane, and it did not disappoint. We ordered and then caught up on what's going on in our busy lives while we waited.

dirty bones cocktail kensington

We started with chicken wings and ribs. Succulent and meaty, they prepared us for what was about to arrive....

Dirty Bones chicken wings and ribs

Beth went for the Bones Birthday Burger. Made from aged steak burger, topped with Dirty Bones pulled beef short rib, mac & cheese, and Dirty Bones' own burger sauce.

Dirty Bones Macaroni Cheese Birthday Burger

I had The Dirty Dog. I mean, I couldn't come to a hot-dog restaurant and not try the hot-dog! And this dog was epic. Pork dog dressed with crispy bacon, jalapeno cheese sauce, Dirty Bones BBQ pulled pork, crispy onions & house-made BBQ sauce with marshmallows & a dash of bourbon. As expected, this combination while making a feast for the tastebuds, doesn't exactly make for a feast for the camera, but I promise you it was incredible.

Dirty Bones Dirty Dog hotdog

As it was so messy it was a struggle to eat, and I got it all over my face, but it was so worth it.

We also had fries and macaroni cheese as sides, just because. The fries were pretty standard, but I think the macaroni cheese was the best I've ever had. It wasn't just any old mac & cheese, it was made with chipotle and smoked paprika, had a Montgomery cheddar sauce, and topped with panko breadcrumbs. 

Dirty Bones macaroni cheese

Dirty bones fries

We tried a different cocktail (another delicious one!), and then our dessert arrived complete with birthday sparklers! The dessert rounded off a perfect treat meal, I've been craving pecan pie ever since thanksgiving when my thanksgiving meal didn't include it (I sulked majorly), so was so happy to finally get it! 

Dirty Bones london restaurant cocktail

Dirty Bones London Restaurant pecan pie

Dirty bones pecan pie

The place was packed with everyone having a good time and eating awesome food. The entire meal was flawless, everything tasted incredible and oh so naughty. I hate to think of the amount of calories we consumed, but hey, like's too short to worry about that, right? ;)

Dirty bones 1st birthday london

Happy 1st Birthday Dirty Bones!

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*Our meal was complimentary for the purpose of review, as always my opinions remain my own.

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  1. Wow! The food looks incredible! For some odd reason, this is what ALL bar food should look like. None of the cheap and processed junk (even if some of it is very tasty!) I'd rather have anything like this any day. Happy first birthday Dirty Bones! :)


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