Sunday, 14 December 2014

Stelle di Stelle at Harrods.

Last week Melanie, Chiara and I went to Stelle di Stelle, a pop-up restaurant nestled on the lower-ground floor of Harrods amongst fine wine from around the world. The restaurant is light and bright, and the food incredible. You may remember how disappointed I was with the food when I went to Rome back in May, well this Italian feast of fine dining certainly made up for that! 

Stelle di Stelle opened in September, and will remain there until January 2015. Each month one of the top restaurants in Italy takes the stage/kitchen to serve up their signature dishes to UK foodies. The chefs have a whopping 13 Michelin stars between them, and we were lucky enough to experience the culinary expertise of Giorgio Pinchiorri and Annie FĂ©olde from Enoteca Pinchiorri, a three michelin starred restaurant in Florence. 

We started with cheese and ham paired with a beautiful Ferrari Maximum Brut Trento Doc.

Before moving on to chestnut mousse with pancetta, pine nuts, and rosemary. This was a strange one, it was delicious, there was no doubt about it, but I just couldn't pin down what tasted so strange about it. The mousse was light and perfect, with just the right amount of pancetta so it didn't overpower the chestnut. 

After the intriguing mousse, we then moved on to one of my favourite dishes of the night, the octopus cooked in olive oil with pumpkin cream, coffee pearls, and watercress sprouts. I adore octopus, and this one was probably the best I've ever tasted. It was cooked to perfection; crispy on the outside, not too tough inside, and so full of flavour. The wine that was paired with this was another good one, really light and fruity, and the ideal accompaniment for the octopus.

Chiara doesn't eat seafood so she had asparagus and artichoke. 

Following the octopus was my absolute favourite dish of the evening, as it combined two of my greatest food loves; poached egg, and alba white truffle. You may remember my love for white truffle from my review of OPUS in Vienna, and this time around it didn't disappoint. The poached egg was cooked perfectly, it was incredibly runny and blended into the truffle and cheese fondue. Ugh, so, so good.

Phew, I was starting to get a liiiittle bit full at this point, but I powered through! Next up was fusili al foretto with artichokes, scampi, and liquorice powder. This was another sublime dish, the pasta was the gorgeous Italian 'al dente' pasta, not soft and soggy like the English cook it, but rather full of texture and bite. 

At this point the wines were starting to queue up (two of them were missing from the below photo - ignore the water, ha). I loved all of them apart from the beer, I'm really not a beer drinker. I did however, love the red wines, which I don't usually enjoy!

Right, on to course number five (six if you include the amuse bouche of cheese and ham). Yet again my tastebuds tingled with delight as I took bite after bite of the lamb topped with garlic and thyme. The lamb was medium rare, and so incredibly sumptuous. 

Finally we finished with bread, chocolate, oil and salt. Sounds strange, right? Right. But it tasted so good. I was so shocked at how well the crispy bread worked with the richness of the chocolate, but it really was perfect. I know I keep repeating this word, but seriously, this entire meal was perfect. I loved it so much, and I'd love to visit Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence now.

A huge thank you to Harrods for being so knowledgeable with the wines and giving us such a treat. We had the loveliest evening and my tastebuds are tingling just thinking about all of those dishes again. I can't recommend Stelle di Stelle enough, but if you want to have the experience we did, book in quick before Enoteca Pinchiorri's month ends on NYE!

Menus are priced at £110 for lunch and £160 for dinner (£130 and £180 respectively, with
matching drinks), with one lunch and two dinner sittings each day. You can book by phone -  020 7893 8700, or email -

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  1. This looks fabulous! I've actually been to Enocteca Pinchiorri, it's absolutely wonderful, a really amazing all round experience. Here's my review:

    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. Ahh I read your review back when you posted it, it looks so delicious!

      C x

  2. Utterly scrumptious - that octopus looks ravishing!

    1. The octopus was SO good! Ugh, drooling just thinking about it!

      C x

    2. i believe you so much... octipus is the very best!

  3. This really does sound like an incredible meal! I'm lusting after all those dishes. Especially that last pudding dish - delicious!

    Katie <3

    1. All of it was just perfect, I wish I could have it all over again!

      C x

  4. Wow, it all looks so delicious, I'm so glad I read this after my lunch, not before!!

    Rosie xx

    Whyyyyy are you torturing me with your sexy food photos and vivid, vivid descriptions?!!! *sob*
    (I'm having a bag of crisps for breakfast, sad)

  6. This looks fabulous! Very pricey but I'm sure it's worth it :) xx

  7. Very nice post. I absolutely appreciate this site.


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