Tuesday, 2 December 2014

An Enchanting Night of Cabaret.

This weekend was super busy, but was rounded off in the most epic way; sipping on my favourite champagne in Scarfes Bar in Rosewood London (a very swanky hotel in Holborn), being transported back in time to an era of cabaret. I felt as though I were in the Kit Kat Club itself. Think glamour, think the 1930's and 40's, and think magic. "Leave your troubles outside! So life is disappointing? Forget it! In here, life is beautiful!"

I met the lovely Mel and Jasiminne there, and while Mel and some of the other group sat on a beautiful big table by the fireplace, Jasiminne and I opted for sitting up at the bar so we could be closer to everything (hello, pictures people!). Our evening started with one of the best compere's in London, Mr Dusty Limits, giving us a delightful and hilarious performance, before jazz singer, Coco Malone, took to the floor. It was like being at some crazy dinner party where people were doing impromptu performances, and it was wonderful. 

Then it was Lili La Scala, who was absolutely enchanting. I couldn't stop watching her, to me she was the epitome of cabaret; glamorous, delightfully funny, and she had the most beautiful voice. Not to mention she looks like a 1940's movie star who's stepped straight out of Hollywood. She was a total dream to photograph! Damn those pesky modern microphones ruining the photos.

As Lili La Scala exited the floor, the lights dimmed down low and Vicky Butterfly floated in gently gliding across the floor to the music from Swan Lake. Vicky Butterfly is a burlesque dancer, and she had every man in the room utterly mesmerized. 

We then had a short interval where we were presented with snacks and bar food, more champagne, and Jasiminne and her man Henry went on the hunt for cigarettes. 

Stephen Williams then took to the floor/table/hand balance things, and wowed us all with his impressive moves and...*ahem*...abs. I think every woman in the room fell in love. Like, wow. 

Lili La Scala then took the floor once again and sang one of my favourite songs, Send in the Clowns. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. She sang three of my favourite songs that evening; Send in the Clowns, I'll Be Seeing You, and Someone to Watch Over Me.

Then Vicky Butterfly returned towards the end for a wild finale, which involved a lot of coloured lighting being swirled around....

Mel, Jasiminne, and I were insanely jealous of this woman's body. HOW?! JUST, HOW!?

Coco Malone did one final performance, and then Dusty took to the floor once again to finish the show. Hot-Cha Swing Lindy-hop-danced to Dusty's vocals, and then the others joined in (even a totally random member of the public joined in!). I'll have a video of this up in the next coupla days!

If you fancy heading along and seeing all the Cabaret for yourself, you can book tickets to the final show on Sunday 14th December here. It was certainly Divine Decadence, darling, and what a way to spend a Sunday evening!

All in all I had such a fun evening. It's just such a shame Stephen's married *sigh*.

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  1. I saw pics of this on Instagram, it looks incredible! Exactly my type of evening!
    charliedistracted.com / Bloglovin

  2. This looks amazing! There are so many things I want to book in before Christmas and not enough time to do them all!!

    Katie <3

  3. Wow! We are in London this weekend, shame there isn't a show this weekend. looks so much fun.x



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