Monday, 15 December 2014

Royal Automobile Club Christmas Ball 2014.

I have a confession. I lied to you. You know how I told you all I wasn't going to the annual inter-club Christmas Ball (see previous posts here) this year? Yeh. I went. Originally I wasn't gonna go, then I decided at the last minute to just go. Hearing about so many of my friends going, I suddenly got major FOMO. But then I had an issue, I had to decide what to wear etc in just two days.

I decided which dress to wear, then realized far too late that it's actually a size too big now as I've lost weight since I last wore it to the white tie Trafalgar Dinner, so spent the entire night trying to hold it up with my arms. Anyway, I had Saturday all planned out, I'd drive to Chelsea to have my hair blow-dried at Duck and Dry, then go for afternoon tea with Mina, then go to the ball and get changed in the club. 

Sadly the traffic and a football match had other plans for me, so I missed the hair appointment and they couldn't fit me in at any other time. So I called every blow-dry bar and all were fully booked. Darn. My hair was a complete mess, I was desperate and ended up going to Headmasters in Soho. Thankfully the ah-mazing stylist in there did a Marcel Wave for me instead of a standard blow dry, and I fell in love with it.

Anyway, I finally got to the Royal Automobile Club and met the others in the lobby. As I've said in many posts before, it's one of my favourite clubs and Chris Barsley always does an awesome job of their events. We took a coupla pictures by the pretty tree and car, then headed upstairs for the champagne reception, before taking our seats at dinner.

The ballroom where the dinner was held had weird red lighting in it as the theme for the ball was 'Moulin Rouge' (although no one dressed up in anything to do with the theme), so it was impossible to get decent photos. As usual the food was absolutely amazing, so tasty and it was so great to have something different to the standard Salmon starter that every event seems to have. I really do wish the Christmas Ball's would provide a full Turkey Christmas dinner though, or goose would be interesting! Otherwise the dinner doesn't really feel overly special or different from what we usually have.

After dinner there was a jazz band and a casino room, and we spent hours dancing the night away before we all went down to the long bar for after-party drinks. 

I'm not sure it quite matched up to last years incredible ball at the Hurlingham, but the Hurlingham have much more space so they're able to do cool things (last year they had one room with a jazz band, another with a DJ that was essentially a club, and one room with an awesome photobooth), however it was still a lovely evening and really great to see everyone. Here's to 2015, and all the wonderful events it will bring!

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  1. I love the Royal Automobile Club. I've been to a few events there and it's alway pretty spectacular. I've never had a dinner there though. This looks like a gorgeous evening and you look stunning in your dress, even if it was a little roomy!

    Katie <3

    1. It's always been my favourite club, it's so beautiful! You must have dinner there, they do really good food (their lavender creme brulee is perfect in the summer!), and they just got a new chef who is apparently even better than the old one!

      C x


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