Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Drinks Fundraiser.

Over the years Lotte has featured on this wee blog quite a bit. She's infamous for throwing the most extravagant parties, as well as always being there for a good night of dancing or venting about men over dinner and wine. Lotte does quite a bit of charity fundraising, and last night she had a Christmas Drinks gathering to raise money for the animal charity she's running the London Marathon for; IFAW.

The theme was Christmas jumpers, and the evening was full of champagne, food made by Lotte herself (she's also a wonderful cook!), and a huge raffle which included four humongous hampers! She raised over £228, and we all had immense fun whilst doing so. It was one of those evenings where I woke up to discover a load of tagged photos on Facebook, one of which was of me clutching half a dozen bottles of Champagne...naturally...

Thank you Lotte for such a lovely evening!

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  1. Drinking champagne for charity is the best way ever to fundraise - get 'em merry & they'll pull out their wallets...!

    1. This is so true!!! Such a good idea haha!

      C x


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