Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Afternoon Tea at the Intercontinental London.

Yep. I indulged in yet another Christmas afternoon tea. But why not? It's Christmas! It was also the perfect excuse for the bestie and I to have a proper catch up. It's been months since we did something just the two of us, as usually we're in our group or with the girls. We had such a lovely afternoon and the food was delicious and rather ingenious, so naturally I had to share it with you all.

intercontinental park lane london christmas afternoon tea
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We got the train into central London and walked from Green Park to the glamorous five-star Intercontinental, which is just on the corner of Park Lane. You might remember it from this post where I got a sample of Theo Randall's cooking, and also this post where I went to their epic Gin & Jazz night.

intercontinental park lane london

I love the Intercontinental because it reminds me of the Shangri-La hotels, it smells fresh and citrus-y, and the modern interior design reminds me of the Shangri-La's Asian influences. It oozes luxury and is just a lovely place to be in. The Wellington Lounge where the afternoon tea is served is big and light, with plush sofas and chairs that you just sink back into.

intercontinental park lane wellington lounge afternoon tea

This year the Intercontinental's Christmas afternoon tea (£42pp) is based on the Twelve Days of Christmas song. It's so clever how chef Paul Bates has designed it! 

intercontinental park lane champagne cocktail

It starts with a champagne cocktail and the delicious sandwiches, where you indulge in Squab and Wood Pigeon (geddit, pigeon instead of dove...because it's illegal to eat doves), Salmon and 'Lords of the Hundred' cheese, and French hens egg mayonnaise and cucumber. 

intercontinental hotel london afternoon tea

Then it's onto the Mountbatten estate Partridge with Morel mushroom and fois gras pie. I do love Partridge so this was quite a treat! 

intercontinental london christmas afternoon tea

The tea finally arrived once we'd finished our cocktails, I opted for the Wild Berries, while Emma went for the Wellington Blend. Both of our teas were really refreshing, and I love that they keep filling them up whenever they get empty!

intercontinental london afternoon tea

The scones were a little disappointing, in the past we've been spoiled with cranberry and all-spice, as well as Christmas pudding scones, so to have plain ole sultana scones was a bit 'meh'. They were very light though and tasted yummy!

intercontinental park lane afternoon tea

The desserts more than made up for the slightly uninteresting scones! A swan shaped Strawberry Chantilly filled choux bun was the highlight, along with the Golden ring treacle tart. The three milk flan was also delicious, it tasted a little like a creme brulee but without the cracked top, while the drum was dark chocolate mousse which just melted in your mouth!

intercontinental park lane christmas afternoon tea

intercontinental christmas afternoon tea five gold rings
Fiiiiiiive gooo-oold riiiiiings!

The Christmas Afternoon Tea would have been absolutely perfect had the scones been a little more interesting. While last week's Mr Foggs tea was the fun-factor, this one is for the more classy and sophisticated of you. It's the type of tea you book to go to with your mum/aunt/grandmother, or your girlfriends if you want something elegant and relaxing yet still satisfying and filling.

We left feeling full enough to burst, so walked back to try and work some of it off. On the way back to Waterloo we saw the most amazing sunset.... isn't it just beautiful!

Sunset over Westminster in London

Could you guess what each of the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' references were without me telling you? What's your favourite afternoon tea?

*Our afternoon tea was complimentary for the purpose of review. All my opinions are completely honest.

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  1. What a brilliant idea! Christmas pudding scones would have been excellent though, you could suggest it to them for next year! My favourite afternoon tea is at Tiny Tim's in Canterbury - their scones are legendary! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua Italy

    1. Yes, hopefully they'll take my comments on board ;)

      C x

  2. Beautiful photos Catherine and those pastries look divine, my tummy is rumbling. You're so right about the Intercontinental having that Shangri-La feel too it, probably more so than the Shangri La London in the Shard (one of my least favourite afternoon teas in London unfortunately). Great review x

    1. Thank you! They were so delicious, I want to eat them all over again!

      C x

  3. Gorgeous photos Catherine - that sunset is breathtaking. You should enter the picture into a London based photography competition. It's just stunning.

    What did you think of pigeon in the end? I remember you previously said you didn't really like the idea/taste!

    Katie <3


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