Sunday, 9 November 2014

Breakfast at New York Cafe, Budapest.

Now, I know I've already done an 'Eating and Drinking' guide to Budapest, but this place deserves a post all by itself. The New York Cafe in the Boscolo Hotel is a bit of an institution in Budapest. When it opened in 1894, it was considered the most beautiful coffee house in the World, nowadays, it still retains it's opulence and glory, and is full of old-world charm. It's also renown for it's breakfasts and breakfast buffet selection (although I'm not entirely sure how good-value the buffet would be), and as soon as I saw it on Vicky's blog I emailed Bella and told her we were going.

New York Cafe Budapest

New York Cafe Budapest breakfast buffet

Naturally as brunch is my favourite meal of the day I couldn't leave Budapest without eating at it's most famous brunch spot. To the horror of Bella and our waiter, I went all out. I ordered; a fresh fruit smoothie, 3 poached eggs with toast, pancakes with creme fraiche, french toast with salad (they insisted I have the salad with this and the poached eggs, I think they were tryna tell me something), and Hungarian sausages on the side with my poached eggs. 

The waiter kept clarifying 'ma'am, you want all of that?! It is quite a lot!' Me; 'Yeh I know, it's ok, I'll eat it all'. And I did. Apart from the salad and toast, I'm not wasting calories on that. Just look at it all!

New York Cafe Budapest fruit smoothie

New York Cafe Budapest french toast

As the French Toast was served plain, and you all know how much I adore my sweet french toast, I coated each slice in Apricot Jam (which wasn't photographed). NOM.

New York Cafe Budapest poached eggs hungarian sausages
The Hungarian sausages were delicious, but quite spicy! Definitely a 'different' type of sausage compared to your average Cumberland. 

New York Cafe Budapest poached eggs

New York Cafe Budapest pancakes

The pancakes were light and fluffy, and I coated these in Apricot Jam as well as the Creme Fraiche whilst listening to a gentleman tinkling on the old ivories. Can you tell how much I love Apricot Jam yet!? 

New York Cafe Budapest

Bella was healthier (slightly) and had the fruit salad and yoghurt, with a basket of freshly baked breads and pastries. I lie. It wasn't a basket, it was a silver bowl of breads and pastries.

New York Cafe Budapest fruit salad

New York Cafe Budapest bread and pastry basket

New York Cafe Budapest fruit salad
The surroundings we were in whilst eating this feast were really quite surreal. Yes, it was full of other tourists, and not 'real' Hungarian in the slightest, but oh my...just look at this place... 

New York Cafe Budapest

New York Cafe Budapest

New York Cafe Budapest

The ceilings are adorned with frescoes by Gusztav Mannheimer and Ferenc Eisenhut dating from the nineteenth century, whilst the opulent Venetian chandeliers sparkle overhead. You eat beneath golden stucco work, and the effect is really very special. On top of the enchanting atmosphere, all of that food came to about £20 for both of us. Such a bargain considering the amount of food I had! It filled me up so much I didn't eat for the rest of the day! 

This was the perfect way to finish such a lovely holiday. You must visit if you're craving some glamour and delicious fresh food. Don't visit if you have a fear of other tourists or are allergic to gold. Now, no more travel posts until 2015 - I promise! ;)

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  1. Far out ... now I totally have to go back to Budapest!!

  2. Ah you got some great pics of the food! Well done for eating as much as possible, I think it rude not to when everything is so delicious.

  3. Such a gorgeous place to have something to eat! And all of that for only 20pounds for the two of you?! They told me everything in Budapest is cheap, but I hadn't expected it to be this cheap. Thanks for sharing!


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