Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Quaglinos, Mayfair.

Quaglino's is a London institution. It's been in St James in Mayfair since 1929, that's 85 years! In that time it's seen countless famous faces pass through it's doors - Judy Garland even had her wedding reception there! Last year we took my Grandma there for her 80th birthday dinner, after all, it seemed fitting seeing as the restaurant is older than she is, and this summer, Quag's had a £3millon refurbishment, so last week I went to check it out with Claire to see what was new.

We descended down the sweeping staircase, and were seated in the vast subterranean restaurant. I instantly noticed that it seemed classier...fresher...this place means business. It used to feel glamorous and classy, but you could see that the furniture was a little tired and it desperately needed a 'freshen up', now though, it's back with a bang. We started with cocktails, and nibbled on the warm fresh crusty bread while perusing the menu. I had the 'Fresh as a Daisy', it was deliciously refreshing! 

Fresh as a Daisy cocktail Quaglino's
Fresh as a Daisy Cocktail
Claire decided to have a starter, and ordered the Venison Tartare, I'm more of a dessert girl so skipped a starter and ordered Sea bass for mains, while Claire opted for the Cod. Sadly the venison tartare wasn't the most photogenic dish in the world, so I didn't get a photo. 

Quaglino's sea bass
Sea Bass

Quaglino's cod

The sea bass was divine, it melted in my mouth. The waiter had advised us to get two sides, so soon enough our wilted spinach and gratin dauphinois arrived, however, we really didn't need these. Despite our fish dishes not coming with anything extra, they were so large we really didn't need the spinach or potatoes. They were delicious though, so we had no problem finishing it all.

For dessert I had the buttermilk panna cotta with blackberries and pain d'Espagne, it was the perfect end to such a wonderful meal.

Quaglino's panna cotta
Panna Cotta

The restaurant lighting is moody and glamorous, and the perfect place to eat and drink with friends. I definitely wouldn't call it a romantic restaurant, the atmosphere is far too buzzy and fun. Quag's also has two bars - one upstairs which is perfect for cocktails with the girls, and one in the middle of the restaurant, giving diners a little entertainment with the mixologists.

There's also a stage at the far end of the restaurant, which transforms the restaurant at 10pm into more of a club. I'm coming back in a few weeks time with some blogger friends, so will tell you all about that then ;)

Quaglino's london restaurant

Quaglino's is the same as ever; excellent food, and beautiful, glamorous surroundings. The service was a little over-attentive (at one point three different waiters/waitresses were asking Claire how she was, and then while one waiter brought us a menu, seconds later a waitress was asking us if we were ready to order!), however seeing as this was re-opening week, I think this was just 'first week nerves' for the staff.

If you love glamour and luxury, you must go to Quaglino's, it really is one of my favourite restaurants in London.

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  1. I'm really looking forward to our night there! I'm having the sea bass...
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. Same! I might have the sea bass again it was so good :P

      C x

  2. Yey! So glad it's reopened. We did my brother's now wife's (very well behaved) hen do there last year and really wanted to do the boy's mum's 70th there this year but couldn't as it was closed for refurb. Can't wait to get down there :)

    Rosie xx

    1. Oooh that sounds lovely - what a great idea for a hen do!

      C x

  3. Looks fab. I'm gutted to be missing it with you girlies! Would have been a lot of fun, but looking forward to the Christmas dinner!

    Katie <3

    1. So sad you can't be there :( Christmas dinner at Bob Bob should be awesome though!

      C x


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