Sunday, 28 September 2014

Superdry AW14 Collection.

When Superdry got in touch and asked me to review a piece from their new AW14 collection, at first I honestly hesitated. However, I'm now very happy I accepted. You see, I'm not one for accepting anything and everything that's offered to me through this wee blog, I only ever accept things I think will truly fit my blog and audience, and are things that I would buy myself anyway. But every so often I like to try out new things that maybe I wouldn't always buy, and open my mind to new brands and products.

My views on Superdry before they got in touch, were that they were a very active fashion brand aimed at individuals who enjoy 'cool' clothing. I do not think of my style as 'cool'. They always reminded me of Jack Wills when they first came out, a brand aimed at teens spending mum and dads money, or adults who liked to think they were still in with the young crowd. As a teen I was in the Jack Wills band, however my brother was in the Superdry band, and thus I never thought they were a brand I would ever appreciate.

Superdry AW14 collection Everest parka coat

My views have now changed.

Just like when I went out of my comfort zone when I chose a bright red (I rarely wear bright colours) Barbour jumper, I went totally out of my comfort zone this time too, and chose the Superdry Everest slim coat (a Parka style coat) to review. Yes. A Parka. The last time I wore one of these or even owned one, I was 13 years old and thought I was honestly the coolest person on the planet. I've noticed lately that they seem to be back in fashion, so I thought 'why not'.

Superdry AW14 collection Everest coat

Well, this Parka is definitely more flashy, cool, and warm than my one from ten years ago (ten years :O). The fur part on the hood is detachable, which I quite like as I don't always want faux fur hanging off my head (seriously, I found this out the hard way 10 years ago, it does not mix well with rain and snow).

While it's still a little warm outside to wear a thick winter coat, I'm so excited for the weather to get colder this year just so I can test out whether or not this coat is as warm as it feels. It just feels so snug. Also I love how deep and large the pockets are - perfect for putting glove-covered hands into. I'm so happy I've finally gone out of my comfort zone and tried a piece from Superdry, I have a feeling this might be my new go-to winter coat. Watch this space!

pewley downs surrey

golden cocker spaniel dylan

Now, although the downs really does look lovely in summer, can the snow please hurry up?! I need to test out my coat, and Dylan misses eating it. He told me so. 

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  1. The coat looks lovely on you and it's very practical for this time of the year. Well done for trying new things. When I bought my 1st dress from Superdry I've hesitated , it's very short and I thought that in my 30s it's not that appropriate. Now I love it and I feel great in it.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle | UK

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's definitely practical - I'm hoping it'll snow this year so I can fully make the most of it!

      C x

  2. What a gorgeous coat! I wish I got all these awesome fashion brands emailing me </3 Definitely need a big coat at the moment, the evenings are FREEEEEZING!!!! xxxx


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