Tuesday, 9 September 2014

HAC Polo.

Originally I wasn't going to blog this, but then Dom asked me to, so I went 'hmmm, maaaaybe', then I said I wouldn't because I didn't take any photos. It turns out that alcohol had blinded me, because the next day I found quite a few photos on my phone. Not to mention the ones I was tagged in on Facebook. ANYWAY. Moving on. This Saturday was the HAC Polo match at Ham Polo Club. It's a much more relaxed affair than the likes of Cowdray and Guards, and is quite a small and cheap option if you're new to the world of polo.

Most of our friends were having a sit-down meal in the clubhouse, but Edd and I decided to have our own fancy picnic with my stolen Veuve Clicquot gear from Cowdray (aka, VC branded picnic blanket and champagne glasses). Our picnic consisted of champagne. That is all. I 'accidentally' left the food (grapes and a bag of percy pigs) in my car. It was brilliant, we sprawled on the soft picnic blanket glugging sipping champagne while gossiping and catching up on our social lives. 

Half an hour later and one bottle of champagne down, the blanket was covered in spillages and Edd's two lovely friends turned up. I decided it was time to go and see our friends in the clubhouse and get my shoes from Peter since I left them at his place after the pool party the other week, so off I trotted/strutted/crawled and left Edd with my handbag, VC goodies, and the girls. I didn't leave the clubhouse until 9 hours later. Woops.

Inside the clubhouse it was free-flowing champagne, so Edd and the girls wandered over with my handbag and joined in the revelry. A few hours later Jasiminne finally arrived after getting lost in Staines, STAINES! We then finally decided it would be an excellent idea to take part in the divot stomping... let's just say we look very happy. I love this photo so much!

Photo from Jasiminne

Photo from Jasiminne

Cain was playing, however we didn't really watch anything as we were all too busy chatting (sorry!), that is, until he trotted over to us and we all started heckling him. Peter got a bit too enthusiastic and started shouting 'Cain! Do you play polo!? Is that you playing polo Cain? I had no idea you played polo!' (in case you can't tell from that, he always goes on about how he plays polo). 

Anyway, after the polo was the after-party. Which was utterly shit. The DJs were awful, it was all that terrible trance/shuffle music that you can't dance to (because I can't shuffle). I'm more of an R&B/hiphop girl, so wasn't too impressed. And by this time everyone was sobering up and getting all tired and cranky.

I then got rather pissed off at a certain man who seemed to think he knew me (he didn't) after hearing one stupid rumour from two years ago (seriously, anyone who actually believes that shit is a total idiot), so Edd had to take me to my car and give me a good talking to while I sobbed and told him I wanted to go home. He's such a good friend it isn't even funny. He told me how amazing I am, why he loves having me as a friend, and that I had to get back in there and just dance. So I did.

Dom also helped by telling me over and over again 'you're wonderful and beautiful lux, it doesn't matter what rumours are said, because you're wonderful and beautiful'. Then a random girl told me she was jealous of me because 'you seem to know all these guys, and they all look at you as if you're the most amazing girl they've ever seen!'. I hugged her and told her they're my awesome friends*I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER. No joke.

Dom and Pete look so wasted here, whereas I'm like 'I'm the only sober person here now, Dom get off me, you're blocking me from the camera!'

So after the sudden rush of compliments I felt much better, so continued to dance until it was home time. After starting at 1pm, and spending the last few hours of the party drinking nothing but water and eating some food, I was 100% sober and getting tired, so decided it was best I drove home before it became too dangerous for me to drive tired. I left the others to it, and finally crawled into my bed 12 hours after the event started, and after discovering Dan had put a Doggy doorstop from the clubhouse in the back of my car. #random

It was a great way to end the polo season, as always it was so much fun - here's to next year! *clink*

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*disclaimer, one or two I may have a bit of past history with, we're still good friends though! This text is this small so my mother can't read it.


  1. LOVE that your picnic consisted of just bubbles - sounds like the best kind of picnic to me!!

    Rosie xx


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