Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Everyman Cinema x Selfridges.

The other week the lovely people at Selfridges invited me for an evening of entertainment at the new pop-up Everyman Cinema on the lower ground floor. It's the very first cinema to be placed in a department store, and it felt really quite fun to waltz through the department store knowing that rather than spending all of your money on 'stuff', you were going to be spending it on a fabulous experience instead. I invited Jasiminne to come with me, as I know she's a huge fan of Everyman cinemas, and we were well overdue a catch up after we barely got to chat at the Country Life Ball.

everyman cinema selfridges

Sadly I left my camera battery at home in the charger (doh!), so all photos are courtesy of Jasiminne who came to the rescue with her camera. The cinema was wonderfully fun, with neon lights and glamorous black and white images of famous Hollywood movie stars covering the walls. The plush seating was the perfect place to relax with a glass of champagne before the movie, and the bar was definitely the focal point of the 'waiting lounge'.

everyman cinema selfridges

everyman cinema selfridges

We picked up boxes of popcorn and the most delicious jelly sweets ever from the bar (I need to find out what ones they are!), and skipped into the cinema screen. Naturally we ran straight to the back where the lovely Laura was waiting for us, and I was so over-excited I dropped my popcorn everywhere! Luckily Jasiminne was feeling generous so she gave me half of hers. Now that is friendship for you.

everyman cinema selfridges

We settled into the comfy sofa, all ready for the movie to start. I'd heard so much about the new Woody Allen film, Magic in the Moonlight, and was so looking forward to it. It wasn't groundbreaking, and is quite predictable, but it was lovely and very easy to watch. Comical in all the right places and oh so glamorous, with 1920's dresses to die for - I'm so jealous of Emma Stone getting to wear such beautiful outfits! And it has Colin Firth in it, who's just brilliant as a famous magician trying to uncover Emma Stone's character as a fake psychic medium. It was also quite a wonderful form of escapism from the grey skies of London, as the film is set in the French Riviera during a glorious summer.

We left the cinema at a decent hour, and after grabbing a quick photo on the faux-grass seats at the front, slowly walked back to the tube before parting ways to head home. Thank you Selfridges for such a lovely evening! The pop-up cinema is open for six months, and costs the same as every other cinema in London (between £12.50-£20 depending on what time you go). If you fancy going you can find out all the details here!

everyman cinema selfridges

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  1. I love Everyman Cinema....and I love Selfridges...what a perfect pairing. I was sad not to make this, I was at another event.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. Selfridges have been doing such great things lately, and it's so handy being opposite my office! It was a shame you couldn't make it, but hope you had a good time at the other event!

      C x


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