Sunday, 10 August 2014

Yelp 10th Birthday Bash.

Last Thursday I took Beth and Phoebe along with me to the Yelp 10th Birthday Bash. The lovely guys from Yelp London got in touch and invited us down, and we had an awesome time! Sadly we arrived quite late, so we missed out on the food :'( but we made up for it by shoving Bea's of Bloomsbury cupcakes (best cupcakes, ever) in our mouths and drinking the plentiful supply of rum and gin. 

Yelp 10th birthday party
Beas of Bloomsbury cupcake at Yelp 10th birthday party

The theme for the evening was 'White', with the 'Red' party being on the Friday. Sadly I couldn't attend the 'Red' party as I already had tickets to the Battle of the Bands at the Royal Albert Hall. Anyway, as the girls and I were going clubbing at Boujis after the Yelp bash, I wore a black skirt, my Topshop green silk top, and my white Zara blazer. I felt so short compared to Beth and Phoebe...

Yelp 10th birthday party

As well as food and drink, there was also a casino table from the St Giles Casino, and entertainment which included a fantastic saxophonist. 

St Giles Casino at the Yelp 10th birthday party

We loved the Mexican stand, which was giving out tequila shots, nachos, and they had awesome hats!

Yelp 10th birthday party

Cocktails at the Yelp 10th birthday party

We tested out the Pina Colada's being made in the VIP room, and then went in search of food. Sadly Big Apple Hot Dogs had run out of hot dogs, so we decided to try out the pancakes, only to find a huuuumungous queue, so we ended up giving up and having some Hotel Chocolat chocolate truffles for our dinner.

Big apple hot dogs at the Yelp 10th birthday party

Crepes at the Yelp 10th birthday party

Hotel Chocolat truffles at the Yelp 10th birthday party

 Beth then decided she wanted a go with the Vodka Luge...

Vodka luge at the Yelp 10th birthday party

When things started wrapping up we wandered back to my car and headed over to Carluccio's in South Ken for some food before Boujis. We had plates of calamari and toast slathered in pate, before walking over to Boujis to meet the ROSL gang for a boogie ;) I'm not sure why I look drunk in this pic, as I was 99% sober being designated driver and all.

Boujis south kensington

All in all a fun night! Thanks for having us Yelp, and happy birthday!

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  1. Looks like a really fun event! And that cupcake looks very yummy too :)

    ~ K

  2. WOW it looks like you had SO much fun! That little cupcake looks delicious!


  3. Looks like you had a lovely day :)

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  4. It really looks like a amazing day ! Hope you had lots of fun :))



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