Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Jamie's Italian, Stratford.

I was recently invited to review Jamie's Italian Stratford, I'd previously been to the Shepherd's Bush restaurant a couple of years ago with Max, so I took him with me so we could compare the two. We haven't caught up in months as he's been globe-trotting with work, so it was nice to have a catch up over some good grub.

After getting a little lost thanks to the sat nav, we eventually found Westfield. Despite Westfield being a maze, Jamie's was really easy to find - it's a huge building in the outside area amongst some of the other restaurants. Now I'm afraid my camera wasn't charged up, so I had to use my phone for pics, so apologies in advance for the quality!

After being seated we started with Polenta Chips, Crispy Squid, and Baked Chestnut Mushrooms. The mushrooms were amazing, so tasty! The Polenta Chips are what Jamie's are famous for, everyone raves about them, and they're definitely worth getting. The Crispy Squid was ok, but the portion was tiny. I was very happy to see the mini-squid's though complete with tentacles rather than just plain ole' squid rings.

For mains I had the Honeycomb Cannelloni Trio, which was absolutely full of flavour, but so so filling. For a side I had Courgette Fritti (aka, fried courgettes), these were delicious, but the portion like the other side was tiny. Max went all out and had the steak, and the waitress very kindly bought him more polenta chips because he has a slight addiction to them.

Sadly we were too full for dessert, so after dinner we went for a wander around the olympic park to walk it all off. We found the coolest playground with climbing walls and slides (yes, we did go on them - watching Max slide down in a suit effing was hilarious), and outside gym equipment too! It'll be interesting to see how the park develops over the next few years, it still feels very stark and empty, but hopefully they'll find new uses for it and as more people move into the surrounding apartments it'll become used more.

We had a lovely evening at Jamie's, the food was proper Italian comfort food, and the perfect place to gorge ourselves while discussing our recent trips abroad and swapping travel tips!

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