Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Summer Festivals 2014 - Wireless, Henley, and BST.

Last weekend was really busy. On Friday I went to Wireless festival with some work friends and the Wireless crew from last year, Saturday I had Henley Royal Regatta with the usual gang, and then on Sunday I went to British Summertime Festival at Hyde Park to see McBusted and Backstreet Boys (oh yes!) with T-dids, Dani, and Dani's brother. So without further ado...

Wireless at Finsbury Park

Wireless festival this year was no where near as good as last year. Finsbury Park was way too small for it and it just didn't feel like a festival. The Olympic Park was a much better place to hold it, and it was much easier to get a tube or train home from there - the crowd control at Finsbury was awful. Anywho, we saw Iggy Azalea, Tinie Tempah, Pharrell, and Kanye West. Tinie Tempah was amazing just like last year, Pharrell started off boring and then got everyone dancing with some of his classics, and Kanye...well...was Kanye. We had to stand in the rain for half an hour while he ranted, and then had to listen to him directing the cameramen. Idiot.

Wireless Festival Finsbury Park

Henley Royal Regatta

Henley this year was good, but wet. It was also much quieter than last year with lots of people away this year. As always the food was excellent at Phyllis Court Club and they do know how to make a good Pimms. Phyllis Court Club is my favourite place to be during Henley. I've been to the Stewards Enclosure in the past, but it just isn't as fun as Phyllis Court. 

Phyllis Court Club Henley Regatta

Lemon Tart at Phyllis Court Club Henley Regatta
Just like I do every year, I 'accidentally' wore my green DKNY dress, the problem is I only have two dresses suitable for summer events that are below the knee (you're only allowed to wear dresses that are below the knee), and I'd worn my other one a coupla weeks ago for Claire's birthday so couldn't wear it again in such a short space of time. *Sigh* first world problems eh. Anyway, I only got a few photos this year due to the rain, however you can see last years much longer post and photos here.

British Summer Time

British Summer Time was definitely the highlight of the weekend! Myself, Dani and T-dids were in our element bopping along to Scouting for Girls, Backstreet Boys, and McBusted. We relived our teenage years singing along at the tops of our voices. BST really was brilliant, it had a great 'family festival' vibe, with so much attention to detail in the faux buildings - it was like being back in Havana (sort of...or not...). 

British Summer Time Hyde Park

British Summer Time Hyde Park
British Summer Time Hyde Park
The selection of food stalls was also impressive, with famous street food vendors including Bleecker St Burger, Pizza Pilgrims, and Big Apple Hot Dogs there. We opted for the hot dogs (I seem to always go for hot dogs lately), and they were delish. 

Purbeck ice-cream at British Summer Time Hyde Park

We then finished with a coupla scoops of mouth-watering Purbeck ice-cream (I had Honeycomb and Chocolate) before getting into place for BSB and McBusted. They both played all of their old hits, and even when the heavens opened and it started pouring with rain, we still stayed put dancing and singing along.

Backstreet Boys at British Summer Time Hyde Park

McBusted at British Summer Time Hyde Park

McBusted at British Summer Time Hyde Park

Rainbow over McBusted at British Summer Time Hyde Park

Dougie from McBusted at British Summer Time Hyde Park

Harry from McBusted at British Summer Time Hyde Park

McBusted at British Summer Time Hyde Park

McBusted at British Summer Time Hyde Park
A brilliant weekend, just a shame about the rain! I'm now stuck at home sick, I hate being at home ill because I basically spend the time feeling rubbish, completely bored, and mulling over my life and over-thinking everything. Get me back to work already! 

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  1. We went to henley this year with the baby in tow- that was a new experience!! Here's my post from the day xx


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