Wednesday, 25 June 2014

World's Most Imaginative Bartender.

This is just a small post for today, as when Bombay Sapphire got in touch with a press release about the winner of the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® World’s Most Imaginative Bartender competition, and a video of the challenge, I just had to share it with you all. As many of you know cocktails are a huge love of mine, and I even guest post every now and then over at Social and Cocktail with recipes for my favourites.

The video is pretty awesome as it shows the bartenders who took part in the comp creating their 'imaginative cocktails', and I now want to try every single one of them. They all look amazing, and so impressive in the way that they're served and presented! Please can someone make them all for me!?


What's your favourite cocktail? 


1 comment

  1. I love Bellini's and Mojito's.


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