Saturday, 3 May 2014

Duck & Waffle, London.

I know, I know, just like Meatliquor, I'm late to the scene. Jasiminne and I have been trying to get to Duck & Waffle for a girlie dinner for ages, you may remember how last time we tried we ended up in Sushisamba instead. Anyway, we finally made it, and it was so worth it.

We started with BBQ spiced crispy pigs ears, and the wild mushroom bread. The pigs ears were in-credible. They came in a brown paper bag with a wax seal, and tasted like a cross between bbq flavoured french fries (the crisps) and pork scratchings, I just wanted to eat the whole bag, but sadly I had to share with Jasminne, plus we had bread to eat too. The bread was also incredible, really delicious freshly baked bread filled with goat's cheese and mushrooms, and a smokey thin 'ketchup'.   

After filling ourselves up on pigs ears and bread, we moved onto the main course. Jasiminne went for the Wild Garlic Gnocchi with asparagus and a crispy organic hen's egg, and I had the signature dish - Duck & Waffle. 

Naturally I had to try some of the Gnocchi too, and it was really tasty, but oh my, my Duck & Waffle was just the dish I've been waiting for for the past year or so that D&W has been open. A sweet chunky waffle topped with a crispy duck leg confit and a fried duck egg, and doused in mustard maple syrup, it was a fat and carb feast fit for any girl who doesn't give a shit about thigh gaps. 

Sadly my egg was overcooked so it didn't drool all over the duck as I'd hoped, but it was still delicious. I was surprised at how well the duck went with the waffle, but then again, I'm a huge sweet & savoury fan so I'm still not sure why I was so surprised? I wolfed the whole thing down so quickly there was no way I was stopping to get any more photos, it was just too good to stop eating it. Sadly we didn't have room for dessert, so we just shared one scoop of coconut and lime sorbet. 

Similar to Sushisamba pricewise, Duck & Waffle is one of those places you should go to at least once just to experience it, and then after that save it for special occasions. The view over London of course is breathtaking, and that's one of the main things you're paying for here along with the top notch food. The service was also excellent, they couldn't do enough for us; the waiters were quick and efficient, and really helpful and friendly when it came to choosing what to have. Make sure you book though (as we found out last time!), they get booked up quickly, so try to book a few days in advance.

We had a really lovely evening catching up and basically spending the entire evening doing what we always do; gossiping about men and regaling each other with hilarious stories and rants. Duck & Waffle was the perfect place for this, however the food was so rich that by 11:30pm we were falling asleep at the table from food comas! We paid up and headed to my car, singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the tops of our voices to keep ourselves awake. I dropped Jasiminne off, and then drove back to Guildford, and fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. 

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  1. 'A feast fit for any girl who doesn't give a shit about thigh gaps' = the perfect quote! Thigh gaps can go screw themselves - give me fried duck eggs and duck confit any day! Looks delicious, thanks for sharing!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

    1. Haha, yeh, I love food far too much for thigh gaps ;)

      C x

  2. Ahh so glad you finally went! I definitely want to pay a visit before we go (mainly for the view though!)

    hannah bee xo

    1. Haha so am I! You have to, although if you just want views I'd go to The Shard if I were you!

      C x


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