Monday, 12 May 2014

Crew Clothing 21st Birthday.

Like any twenty-something girl (or should I say woman?! Now that I'm 23 I'm not sure I can continue getting away with calling myself a girl?) I adore clothes and feel my style is very much my own; I wear what I want, with a key fashion piece thrown into my wardrobe each season (ie; the tartan skirt from this past AW). So when Crew Clothing got in touch and asked me to be one of their '21 bloggers' to help them celebrate their 21st birthday over 21 days during May, I couldn't say no. 

I sadly couldn't attend their birthday event as I was in Italy, so instead of choosing an item of clothing from their collection at the event, I chose what item I wanted on the website and they sent it over to me. I chose the gorgeous Illyria skirt, it's lovely and floaty with nautical stripes, and will be perfect for the summer months and my holidays to Cuba and Europe! 

Now I'm no fashion blogger (this is officially my first 'outfit' post), so I don't exactly practice posing for photos on a regular basis, so I'm afraid you'll just have to put up with a couple of normal/smiling photos of me rather than any blue steel style/hand on hip/wannabe model ones. I paired the skirt with my H&M white shirt, black tights (it was cold and raining)! and black Yull Cambridge flats. I think the skirt is supposed to be worn on the hips, but I always wear my skirts on the waist instead as my hips are huge. 

Crew Clothing 21st birthday bloggers Illyria skirt
Crew Clothing Illyria skirt
The skirt is really light and has two pockets on the sides - not really big enough to put anything in, but handy for change. It's made from a stretchy jersey material, and like all of Crew Clothing's pieces, it's the perfect classic casual wear; ideal for walks down by the ocean or harbour, or the skirt could even be worn in the city during the summer months depending on what you paired with it.

Crew Clothing Illyria skirt

Fountain in Cheltenham
Crew Clothing 21st birthday bloggers Illyria skirt

It was really windy so it looks a bit like the skirt is shorts - woops. I'm totally in love with this skirt, it's just one of those easy pieces you can throw on with a white shirt, and I can't wait to be able to wear it with a beach bag, some cute sandals, and no tights! 

Happy 21st Birthday Crew!


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