Thursday, 29 May 2014

Cayo Largo Del Sur, Cuba.

We landed in Cayo Largo to even hotter weather than in Havana, and the most breathtaking beaches I've ever seen (and that's coming from someone who lived in Western Australia)! On our first day we just lazed about by the pool and relaxed, then on our second day we got up early to go on a boat excursion to go snorkelling and see Iguana Island.

Iguana Island was beautiful, the boat dropped anchor out in the ocean and we swam over to the shore. Apologies but all the photos were taken on my underwater camera because of this, so the quality isn't as good as usual. Now, usually I would never have removed a starfish from the water, however someone else had, and they passed it to me, so I figured it'd be rude not to take a photo of it...right?

Iguana Island is absolutely covered in Iguana's! Giant ones, baby ones, and giant hairy Argentinian men running around after them in speedos and swinging them around by their tails. I'm still fuming at that. Ciara shouted at him and he put it down, but the poor thing was so terrified it ran into another Iguana's hole and that one came out and attacked it! I just wanted to give it a cuddle :( 

After Iguana Island we then went to a natural swimming pool, which was simply breathtaking. It was beautiful, like paradise.


Jasiminne looks so tanned in photos it's so unfair! I look like a ghost compared to her.

The three of us chilled out in the shallows of the sandbank for half an hour or so, laying in the water as it lapped gently against our gradually burning skin. It was so relaxing and was such the stereotypical 'Caribbean Island Paradise' that we'd been dreaming of for months! Sadly despite wearing Factor 50 and topping up every few hours, you can see how I was gradually burning. The sun was insanely hot, so after seeing this sneaky photo that Ciara took, I decided to stay in the shade for the rest of the excursion, only venturing out for a quick 10 minutes of snorkelling.

The snorkelling was really good! It wasn't as good as Coral Bay in Australia or Taba in Egypt, but it was still great fun and I'm really glad we did it. We saw a few different fish, and Ciara saw a stingray in the shipwreck. I don't really snorkel though, I hyperventilate as soon as the mouth piece goes in and I put my head under water, it just feels so wrong breathing under water, so I just use the mask and hold my breath. I can hold my breath for a fair amount of time, so I just do that and come up when I need to.

This has to be the most disgusting photo ever, those masks are so unattractive and the shadows under my eyes are just *shudders*, but I like all the fish behind me, so eh.

Photo from Jasiminne
We had a really fantastic day, it truly was paradise. Tomorrow I'll be giving you a peek of the beaches near our hotel (total beach porn), so keep an eye out! 

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