Wednesday, 9 April 2014

MEATLiquor, London.

I know I know, I'm really late to the party on this one. But I finally got there. Last week at work some of us decided we needed meat. It was lunchtime on Friday, so we headed to MEATLiquor for our meat. And some cocktails too. It was my first time there, and it was awesome. You go inside and it's all dark and moody, and feels a cross between a club and a theatre. 

Meatliquor London Cheese and Bacon Burger Review

The Meat

The burger patty was meaty and juicy, just the right size, with crispy bacon and cheese oozing out - delish! The bun was ok, I love toasted brioche buns so much, however I did feel they were quite greasy at MEATLiquor. 

Meatliquor Summer of Love Cocktail

The Liquor

The cocktails were absolutely fantastic! I had the 'Summer of Love' which is made from Finlandia mango vodka, fresh lemon juice, muddled ruby red grapes, passion fruit, and savvy-b. Served long. It was really sweet and fruity, which I love as I can't actually stand the taste of alcohol, but this just tasted like fruit juice!

Meatliquor London Review Burgers and Fries

The Fries

Eh. I wasn't too impressed with the fries. They were nowhere near as good as Honest Burger or Patty & Bun, they were just a bit plain and bog-standard really. The cheesy fries made me feel a little sick, I just can't do cheesy fries.

I do love how you get all of your food on a tray, it's a total novelty and makes it a really fun and casual way of having lunch. I also love the interior, it just feels like a fun place to be having a cheeky Friday lunch during the lunch hour. We all loved it and the other two said their cocktails were amazing too! Apparently there's usually a large queue outside, but there wasn't this time so we just walked straight in. 

Meatliquor London Restaurant Review
I really loved my MEATLiquor burger and cocktail, but in future I wouldn't bother with the fries, the burger filled me up enough anyway. It's a great burger restaurant though, as I find many decent burger joints are just over-size takeaway places who don't have enough seating, MEATLiquor isn't like that, it's big enough for far more people than other gourmet burger places.

Definitely head down if you're a fan of burgers and hot dogs - the guys next to us had hot dogs and they looked mouthwateringly good! 

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  1. I keep meaning to pop to the meatliquour in Brighton, heard mixed things but I love a burger and a cocktail, so it totally sounds up my alley!

    Sophie x


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