Monday, 7 April 2014

Knowsley Safari Park.

This weekend I went to visit my best friend and her family, including my god-daughter, up in Wales. I was only there for one full day, as I caught my bargain Virgin train straight after work on Friday (and was hoping so much that I'd be on the xmen one. I wasn't) and got one back yesterday morning in time for Sarah's birthday tea in London. To be totally honest there isn't that much to do in North Wales apart from Snowden and walks, without driving for hours to the coast and Llandudno. So instead we crossed back into the English border and went to Knowsley Safari Park near Liverpool. 

I am a huge lover of Safari Parks, I adore the Longleat one as it allows you to get so close to these magnificent animals, and Knowsley was no different. There were quite a few boring animals, however we absolutely loved the Lions, and the Monkeys who climbed all over the car! 

Knowsley Safari Park Lions

Knowsley Safari Park Lions Mating

 Two of the lions decided to start mating just after we stopped the car next to them.

Knowsley Safari Park Monkeys

Knowsley Safari Park Monkeys

Knowsley Safari Park Monkeys
As well as the animals Knowsley also has a cafe, gift shop, playground, and loads of fairground rides. We spent hours there and Rosie absolutely loved it. We also all really enjoyed the Sealion show, they were so clever! It was a bit like being at a crap version of Seaworld, but really very endearing. There's also a batcave there, but we didn't go into it as Rosie froze at the dark entrance, so we went to get her facepainted instead, before going on some more rides.

Knowsley Safari Park Sealions
Knowsley Safari Park Facepaint

Knowsley Safari Park Rides
Knowsley Safari Park Carousel

We had a really great time at Knowsley Safari Park, and for £12 per adult if you book online in advance, and kids under 3 being free, it's much cheaper than the likes of Chester Zoo which we usually go to.

I absolutely loved my weekend back in Wales, it's one of my favourite places to escape to to get away from the big smoke. I still can't believe how much Rosie's grown since I saw her in December, she's such a little girl now! It totally broke my heart when I left and she burst into tears because 'Anty Cafrin gon on the twain' :( I really wish I lived closer to them, but that ain't gonna happen so I just have to visit as much as I can! Also she's decided my name is now 'Tiger'...even though we didn't see any tigers.


  1. Beautiful pictures, you've captured the animals perfectly! I'll have to take my nephew here!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

    1. Thank you! It was so hard choosing which pics to post on here haha, I took way too many!

      Definitely take him, I'm sure he'll love it!

      C x


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