Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Bacanal - La Plage Brunch Party.

You may remember a few weeks ago I told you all about an exciting new brunch party, La Plage, brought to you by Bacanal. Well on Saturday myself, Jasiminne, and my brothers from another mother, Edd and Henry, all ventured down to the Millenium Gloucester Road hotel to experience the event for ourselves. It was sadly raining outside, so I went safe and just wore black skinny jeans, a silky summer top, nude suede wedges, and a cardi (it's way too cold at the moment!). Jasiminne being Jasiminne went all out and wore tropical print pants, a white crop top, and heels. The boys went 'smart casual'...aka, normal.

We arrived at the indoor sun room and were ushered over to a white table (everything was white), while the champagne was brought over to us. The new Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial champagne is the very first champagne produced that is designed to be enjoyed over ice. I'm incredibly fussy with champagne, I usually only like savoury flavoured more 'mature' Brut's, but this was one of the best I've ever tasted. Fresh and fruity, with a light summery taste. 

Everyone was sitting around drinking, but no one was eating the delicious brunch on offer! So Jasiminne and I ran up and started everyone off, and soon after everyone else followed suit. It was a very healthy brunch, with lots of fresh fruit, a few small cakes, fresh eggs cooked in front of us, and bacon and sausages. I wasn't too hungry so just had some small bits of fresh fruit, cheese, and a small cake, and then went back up for a fried egg after (I can't resist eggs).  

After the food came the alcohol. More alcohol. We had waiters who poured the champagne for us and made sure to serve it correctly; over ice, with garnishes including mint leaves and strawberries. As well as champagne there was wine and vodka, but we mainly stuck to the champers - it was never ending! Along with alcohol, came the dancing and entertainment. The DJ was awesome, and there was a drag queen and burlesque dancer. I think it's best if I explain the rest of the party in photos...

^That's Henry doing an impression of me. Apparently that's what I look like when I smile for photos. I think not.

Bacanal La Plage Brunch party

^Not realising what Henry's doing...and then below suddenly realizing and my face turning to one of disgust... Hannah control your man!

As well as the drag queen there was also a woman doing face painting, so naturally Edd and Henry got the most unimaginative face paints possible...

Skulls, and the Bacanal logo. Classy boys, classy. Jasiminne went for something slightly more interesting, a pineapple. At least it had glitter on it.

Photo from Jasiminne!
I wanted to take the Moet & Chandon life-ring home with me!

Photo from Jasiminne!

Things got a bit crazy around 4pm, and some weird things started happening. Edd started sniffing Henry's trousers for one, "I'm just seeing if he's washed them...they smell quite nice!"

And then in the middle of taking a 'nice' photo, he decided to tickle Henry so this happened...

After that we danced around a bit, watched the burlesque dancer (while I dreamed of having her body...then went off on a tangent and started dreaming about chocolate cake...and then figured out what I don't and never will have, that body) 

Photo from Jasiminne!

Photo from Jasiminne!

Jasiminne then decided to leave us to go shopping, and I then did what I have to do at every party, and went up to see if the DJ would let me have a go at being a DJ. He would only let me stand next to him, sad times. We had some laughs when I tried to hijack the machinery though and he got into a panic.

As the room got smokier the photos got blurrier, until it was time for me to head to Arabella's birthday dinner and leave the boys to party the night away. A huge thank you to Bacanal for having us, we had an awesome time! Let's hope they invite us to another one soon ;) I'm not sure I can go back to night time parties having experienced a full-on brunch party now.

Monday, 28 April 2014

A Day Trip to Brighton.

On Thursday the work gang and I all got out of the office for the day and went down to Brighton for BrightonSEO, a big SEO conference that happens twice a year. We learnt a hell of a lot, and also had a lot of fun during the lunch break! We had a pub lunch, and then Phoebe and I wandered down to the Pier to act like kids again. 

Brighton Pier

We went on a children's train, had a go on the slot machines, went on the waltzer, and then got donuts. It was so lovely to be by the seaside again, and it brought back a lot of good childhood memories of going there with my grandparents. It also gave me the opportunity to test out the camera on my new phone (the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact), so without further ado, here are some photos from our day trip to the seaside!

View from Brighton Pier

Brighton Sussez

Brighton Pier Rides

Brighton Pier Waltzer

Brighton Pier


Brighton Pier Donuts

Brighton Pier Donughts

Gotta love Brighton - Lady Boys of Bangkok poster in the background. 

I had so much fun, it was such an awesome 'team bonding' day, and we met lots of new people in the industry which is always good as you learn so much from each other. I can't wait for the next BrightonSEO!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Chotto Matte Tostaditas Launch.

Last week Angie very kindly invited myself and some other blogger friends to the launch of Chotto Matte's new Tostaditas and Cocktail menu. I've heard so much about Chotto Matte after Grace Dent's scathing review, so was interested to try some of the food for myself. We all started with wine at Soho House, before moving on to Chotto Matte just round the corner.

Personally I absolutely loved the interior of Chotto Matte despite Grace Dent's views, I found it funky and cool and loved the art on the walls. They serve Nikkei cuisine which is a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian, a little like Sushisamba. We were escorted to a cordoned off area where the new cocktail bar area is situated towards the back of the restaurant, and were lucky enough to meet head chef Jordan Sclare, who was previously at the likes of Nobu and Gordon Ramsey. 

Chotto Matte tostaditas launch

Chotto Matte Sake

We were each given a glass of sake, and had a tour of the kitchen area before tasting some of the new delicious Tostaditas. Then the cocktails came, we had around four different ones, and my personal favourite was the one with the raspberry in it (I can't for the life of me remember what each of them was!). My head went a little fuzzy after all those cocktails, so here are some photos from the evening!

Chotto Matte Tostaditas

Chotto Matte Cocktail

Chotto Matte soho

Chotto Matte Cocktails

Chotto Matte London
Chotto Matte Tostaditas Launch

Chotto Matte Laura Hyatt and Caroline Kent
Chotto Matte London

Chotto Matte Jordan Sclare
  We had a really fun evening at Chotto Matte, and after tasting the delicious tostaditas I think I'm definitely gonna have to go back for a proper meal there ASAP! It was also lovely to see the blogger girls again, who as well as Angie included CarolineLaura, and Melanie. We're already planning our next evening out to a favourite of mine, Bob Bob Ricard!

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