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I got back to London last Sunday evening after a 24-hour flight, and started my new job the next day on Monday morning. After a couple of early nights I was ready to hit the London scene again, luckily in perfect time for the Tribal Media 1st birthday party (more on this soon!). I invited Jasiminne along, and after the party we were gonna head to Duck and Waffle so I could finally experience it. Sadly this didn't work out, as even at 11pm it was packed. so we ended up in Sushisamba instead!

And I'm so glad we did! Japanese food is a favourite of mine, and Sushisamba is a fusion of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian, so there's really something for everyone. Jasiminne and I were starving, so we ordered a huge array of different dishes to share. We started with crispy yellowtail taquitos, which were quite honestly the best tacos I've ever tasted in my life. Full of flavour and spice they were one of the highlights of the entire meal.

Sushisamba London Yellowtail Taquitos
Next up was Sweet and Sour Calamari. As you all know by now Calamari is one of my favourite dishes, and this sweet and sour version was out. of. this. world.

Sushisamba London Sweet and Sour Calamari Review

The Vegetable Tempura was slightly too salty, but still delicious nonetheless!

Sushisamba London Tempura Food Review

 Sadly I couldn't eat the Pork Belly as it was Ash Wednesday, but it looked incredible and Jasminne managed to polish it all of by herself so it must have been good!

Sushisamba London Review Pork Belly

Finally it was dessert time. We had the Mango Mousse and the Mochi, and shared between the two of us. Just look how pretty the plate-art is! Remember how I told you in my last post about how amazing my skin always is when in Australia? Well it continued for most of the week after I got back, but literally the day after we went to Sushisamba I broke out majorly, the polluted London air finally got to my skin 4 days after being back, and I'm so angry I could actually cry. Damn you London! So here are the last few pics of it looking all nice and flawless (well...there'll be more in the Tribal Media party post).

Catherine Lux from Lux Life Blog at Sushisamba London
Photo from Jasiminne.
Sushisamba London food review mango mousse

Anyway, the desserts. The Mango Mousse was really light and the passionfruit and apple sorbets that came with it were truly delicious. I love Mochi so much, the different textures made it a really yummy treat, but I'm not overly-adventurous so I stuck to the simple flavours of Mango, Coconut and Raspberry, and made Jasiminne eat the more exotic Green Tea, Lemon, and Sesame Seed flavours. She's such a good friend to not complain about me forcing her to eat the other flavours.

Sushisamba London food review Mochi
Thankfully we were seated at the only unreserved table in the house, which was tucked around the corner so we could photograph our food to our hearts content without disturbing the other diners! For some reason instead of using the flashes on our cameras, we used the torch on Jasiminne's phone for light instead...she seemed to think it was more courteous to the other diners, but I think they thought us even weirder for the torch.

After dinner we walked out onto the balcony to see the view over London, but it was freezing cold so we went to the toilets to take mirror selfies then headed home.

Sushisamba London restaurant review
Sushisamba London restaurant review

Photo from Jasiminne.

I went boring and wore a black jumper with black I brightened up the outfit with my Yull Cornbury Shoes! I'm absolutely in love with them! 

Yull Cornbury Shoes
So, thinking of going to the 38th floor of Heron Tower? Definitely do, it really was something special. You can find Sushisamba in Heron Tower right by Liverpool Street station. If you live outside of London they also have a few in the USA. We had a really lovely evening, and we had a lot of fun discussing all of our gossip from the past two months we've been apart (Jas was in Malaysia then got back a day after I flew to Australia!). I love seeing friends after months apart and having so much to talk about that you can't speak quickly enough, I think the waiters were slightly scared.


  1. I love this place so much!!! I always want to take people there but its so difficult to get a booking!

    I have the same thing with my skin, btw. When I went to Thailand it was really smooth and clear but when I got back here it went all red and patchy. My doctor has told me its partly cos the water in London is so hard. Have you ever found that?
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  2. It all looks divine, and exactly what I'd like to eat right now!!

    Rosie xx

  3. Your photos are fantastic! I went up Heron Tower to have my first ever cocktail a few months ago and really enjoyed it - was very jealous of all the diners in sushisamba. After this post i really want to try it:p great post! :) Life as a Petite xxx

    1. Thank you! Ah I didn't get to try the cocktails, I need to go back ;) hehe

      C x

  4. Oh my goodness this all looks insanely delicious C, and so sorry I was certain I was following you already!
    Would you recommend this place for a nice dinner out? Your choices have made me crave Japanese food big time right now
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}


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