Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Special K Challenge Update #5.

So this is my final Special K "Make a Change" Challenge Update. As you saw back at the end of January in my Ice-Skating Post, I finally had the time, health, and energy to carry out what I originally pledged to do back before Christmas. So how was my last two weeks of the challenge? Brilliant! After wanting to get back on the ice again, I did it. After wanting to go to exercise classes and test them out, I did it. You may also recall from my original pledge post that I want to start doing weights to help me tone up...

I did it. I started Kettlebell Classes before I went to Australia, and fell in love with it. A mixture of cardio and weights, it's the perfect all-round workout and supposedly burns over 1000 calories an hour. I went to a few classes and worked myself so hard I could barely walk the days following. I also went to a few Legs Bums and Tums classes, but after finding out they only burn off 300 calories an hour I thought it seemed a bit of a waste of energy/time/money. Kettlebells it is!

Sadly now that I'm back at work I can no longer go to the classes as they don't hold them outside of my work/commuting hours, so I bought myself a couple of kettlebells to do exercises with at home to keep me going. I flew out to Australia slightly more confident in myself, but slightly annoyed at the fact I actually put on weight, despite exercising every day and eating really healthily (avocado and courgette spaghetti were my faves)...I just figured it was muscle weight.

Now that I'm home from Aus I'm gonna keep going and see it as a long-term challenge. I still have a long way to go, but I'm now confident knowing that I can do it. I'm no longer a 'hate exercise' girl...I made a change and I've now fallen in love with it again since finding the fun ways to do it, and can't wait to see the changes over the next six months to a year. I'm still not confident enough to post a photo of me in a bikini on here (maybe in May when I go to Cuba!), so here's one of me in my very figure-hugging LBD with Anna before we headed to Malt Supper Club

So did I carry out my pledge and "Make a Change"? Why yes, I believe I did.

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