Friday, 14 March 2014

Individualism 'Buttoned Up' Party.

Friday night Alex, Jemima and I headed down to Ping in Earl's Court for the Individualism 'Buttoned Up' party. Aka, the fashion party of the quarter. Individualism is predominantly a men's style collective, and the guests at the party just oozed sartorial elegance and style. Well dressed men and women were everywhere you turned, and I felt completely underdressed in my LBD and flats! I went for cocktails at Apres before the event with Caroline and Laura, so I was in an outfit suitable for all events. 

The night included waiting at the bar for far too long just for a coca cola (I was driving and had already had my one-cocktail-allowance at Apres), before heading over to the Style Booth to be camera whores and take advantage of the awesome photographer, Ikenna Mokwe. Jemima and I were then interviewed by the co-founder of Individualism, Reuben Christian, for their video of the event, whilst Alex did his manly duties and held our bags.

Catherine Lux and Jemima Wilson at Individualism Fashion Party
Photography courtesy of Ikenna Mokwe.
Catherine Lux of Lux Life at Individualism Fashion Party
Photography courtesy of Ikenna Mokwe.

After having our photos taken we wandered over to the Ping Pong tables and decided to get stuck in. After all, you can't go to an event at a place called Ping and not have a go on the Ping Pong tables! We spent hours playing...and I kept everyone thoroughly entertained with my very own version of Ping Pong. It's called tennis...with a table in the middle that the ball may happen to bounce onto every so often. My brother and I play it all the time, we have a Ping Pong table at home and whenever we go to a hotel that has one we go crazy and cause chaos with balls bouncing all over the walls.

Ping Earls Court Individualism Party
Ping Earls Court Individualism Party
Ping Earls Court Individualism party

In the middle of one game I suddenly noticed a guy who looked very I called him over and quizzed him on his name. Turns out it was who I thought it was...I went to school with his brother for 5 years! He and his friend joined our game and when we were all finally thrown out of the venue at 2am, we headed over to VQ for a late night snack. A really fun night, and it was so good to see Jemima again - it's been far too long!

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